Deshni Ramkissoon-Pillay
1 minute read
16 Sep 2016
11:18 am

KZN man robbed of R79k

Deshni Ramkissoon-Pillay

A white Mercedes pulled up in front of the victim, out of which two armed jumped and demanded the cash.

The Mercedes that was used in the robbery. Pic: Mobiclaw Facebook page.

A 40-year-old man was robbed of R79 000 in Westville, KwaZulu-Natal, on his way to deposit the money.

Westville police spokesperson Captain Elizabeth Squires said the man was travelling from Reservoir Hills to FNB, Buckingham Terrace, in Westville to deposit the money on Wednesday, Highway Mail reported.

“En route, a white Mercedes pulled up in front of the complainant in Blair Atholl Road. Two men jumped out of the vehicle and pointed a firearm at the man and demanded the cash.

“They grabbed the bag containing the R79 000 cash and went back into their vehicle. The robbers who were armed threatened the man and fled in a white Mercedes on the M13 towards Pinetown,” said Squires.

The man was not hurt. He reported the incident to the Westville Police Station, and a case of armed robbery is being investigated.

Squires provided some advice and tips for residents carrying large amounts of money to the bank.

“People who have large sums of money to either withdraw or deposit are encouraged to keep the time and venue of their transaction as a closely guarded secret as possible.

“Another suggestion is to hire properly trained, vetted and professional guards to escort you, even using vehicles other than your own. The aim to is be as unpredictable as possible and to look like a difficult target to any casual or active bystander,” said Squires.

– Caxton News Service