Ramaupi Makgoo
1 minute read
2 Sep 2016
1:18 pm

Animal poisoning increases in Pretoria

Ramaupi Makgoo

Police have received numerous reports of animal poisoning recently.

Pic: Thinkstock.com

Animal poisoning has become a concern in Pretoria and surrounding areas.

On Wednesday morning, a member of Centurion Concerned Citizens (CCC) said on its Facebook page it had received information about a dog that was poisoned with rat poison in Zwartkop, Rekord Centurion reported.

SPCA spokesperson Korkie Levanon said they had been receiving reports of animal poisoning in the city recently.

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“We get regular calls from residents who complain about their dogs and cats being poisoned,” said Levanon.

She said the culprits often had malicious intentions against the owner.

“Most cases we think the people who poison these animals are criminals who want to gain access into someone’s property, while on the other hand you also find that people have neighbourly issues and animals end up paying the highest price.”

Levanon has called on those with information about people poisoning animals to report it.

“This is against the Animals Protection Act, and we would like those with information to contact us.”

– Caxton News Service