SPCA outraged over goldfish neknomination drinking (Video)

The infamous Neknomination drinking game has caught the attention of the RSPCA after it has reported that people have downing drinks filled with live goldfish.

Neknominations is a game that is said to have originated from Australia, where the partakers are caught on video downing drinks and then nominating friends to do the same.  

As with most drinking games it quickly becomes norm to try and out-do your fellow neknominators by upping the ante and doing something more ‘daring’ or ‘ridiculous.’ The latest in this trend is downing live gold fish that has angered wildlife authorities.

The drinking of goldfish as part of the game is said to not be a light-hearted joke and that is a clear portrayal of animal cruelty.

So much so that Practical Fishkeeping has reported that eating live fish is an offence under the Animal Welfare Act and the RSPCA says it is investigating several of the cases reported.

The RSPCA’s Nicola White also reportedly said that they were extremely concerned about the new trend and that several cases have been reported in a short space of time.

This video posted only six days ago, shows a man completing a neknomination by putting live goldfish into alcohol shots and then downing the shooters.

The comment thread beneath the video displays a large amount of people angered by the video and lashing out and the neknominee.

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