VIDEO: Sinoville thief steals vehicle

A video shared on Facebook shows how easily a thief steals a car parked outside a house in Pretoria.

Security footage shows a car thief stealing a vehicle outside a house in the north of Pretoria.

Sinoville resident Savannah Malherbe (19) told the Rekord North how her car was stolen on Thursday evening.

“I was in the house for only a few minutes. I think he [the suspect] might have followed me,” Malherbe told.

“In a matter of 40 seconds, he had broken into my car and driven off.”

The thief was caught on camera.

Watch the video:

“Within minutes of calling the police to report the car stolen, they were on the scene,” Malherbe said.

“It was my first car and I had just started work…”

The stolen car is a light-blue 1991 Mazda Midge Hatch 5.

– Caxton News Service


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