Police shoot, kill suspected robbers

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The victims were allegedly held hostage by the group of armed men.

A hostage drama turned into a bloody shoot-out between the police and suspected robbers which left two dead.

The armed robbers died on the exchange of fire between them and the police at Shoprite store in  Randfontein, on the West Rand.

This after staff members and clients of the store in the Randfontein CBD were allegedly held hostage by a group of six armed men on Friday night, Randfontein Herald reported.

It is alleged the suspects targeted the shop, went to the cash office and threatened the manager to hand over the shop’s money. Fortunately, the manager managed to press the panic button and car watch personnel ran to the police station to alert them about the situation.

Police responded to the scene and when they arrived, the suspects opened fire on them. Police shot back and fatally wounded one suspect and critically injured another.

Randfontein Police spokesperson Captain Appel Ernst said: “It is alleged approximately four to six other suspects managed to flee the scene. It could not be established if the suspects managed to flee with anything since a bag containing money was left on the scene.”

ER24 confirmed they found two men lying on the ground a short distance away from each other, one of which had succumbed to his wounds and another was in a critical condition with a gunshot wound to his head. The latter was transported to hospital but later died while being transported to hospital.

Two more suspects were apprehended by the West Rand Emergency Response Service (Flying Squad).

Once the incident was over, police thoroughly searched the shop and led traumatised staff members and shoppers out of the shop. Among the shoppers were children.

Ernst said one firearm was recovered on scene and the serial number was tampered with.

-Caxton News Service

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