Vuwani ANC councillor ‘protected himself by helping anarchists’

Vhudzani Secondary School in Vuwani after it was torched. Picture: Steven Tau

Vhudzani Secondary School in Vuwani after it was torched. Picture: Steven Tau

The well-respected ANC councillor was forced to supply troublemakers with bread, money and petrol after he was threatened with death, a reliable source has revealed.

ANC councillor Gideon Tshivhuya, who was among those arrested for the recent violence in the troubled Vuwani in Limpopo, has always been known to be a level-headed and respected man, The Citizen has learnt.

A reliable source, who did not want to be named for safety reasons, said he was shocked when he learnt that Tshivhuywa was arrested for the violence which led to more than 20 schools being torched in the area.

“The rumours that we have heard is that he (Tshivhuya) was supplying arsonists with bread, money and petrol in a bid to protect himself because he was among the first people who were threatened with death.

“He was not the main driver of the violence and he is certainly also not known to be an anarchist,” the source revealed.

Tshivhuya, who has been a ward councillor for about three years, is still behind bars with 10 co-accused after their bail application was postponed.

They face charges of arson and public violence.

Meanwhile accused number 2, Edzisani Muthathe, has a history of causing havoc in Vuwani, according to the source.

“He was part of those who were advocating for the total shutdown.

“The other suspects are just boys who found themselves in the wrong space,” the source added.

Locals in the area have for some time now been demanding that the Municipal Demarcation Board (MDB) reverses its decision to merge Vuwani with Malamulele and surrounding areas to form a new municipality. –

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