Beware of new scam, police warn

A cellphone phishing scam. Picture Neil McCartney

So far two cases of such scams have been reported, police said.

Police have issued a stern warning about a new scam that has hit Kwatsaduza and surrounding areas in Tsakane, Gauteng.

Tsakane police spokesperson Captain Petros Mabuza said the modus operandi of the scam involved someone calling a target on their cellphone informing them about a problem with their bank account or SIM card, African Reporter reported.

“This person will ask you for your bank account number and card PIN code or they will inform you that your SIM card has a problem and you must go and do the SIM swap,” Mabuza said.

“Once you give this person the requested details, they will clear out all your money from your bank account,” he added.

So far two cases of such scams have been reported at the Tsakane Police Station, according to him.

Mabuza strongly advised community members not to give out their particulars to strangers, especially over the phone.

– Caxton News Service

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