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6 May 2016
1:16 pm

East Rand SPCA shuts down after break-in

CNS Reporter

Staff members arrived at work to find the office had been burgled.

Picture: Thinkstock

The Brakpan SPCA on the East Rand has been temporarily shut down following a break-in early on Friday.

Staff members at the SPCA arrived at work this morning to find the office had been burgled, Brakpan Herald reported.

“This time was much worse. They got into everything they could and broke everything that was locked or seemed locked,” said SPCA inspector Tamaryn Lombard.

As a result of the break-in, the Brakpan SPCA will be closed until further notice.

“We ask if the public can bear with us today as we try fix everything that has been broken and sort out the SPCA,” added Lombard.

This comes less than a year after an attempted break-in was reported at the Brakpan SPCA.

While nothing was stolen during this incident, the fencing, burglar bars, security door and alarm system were damaged.

Police investigations are ongoing.

– Caxton News Service