Lesego Moyo
1 minute read
6 May 2016
12:54 pm

Axe Gang strikes Jozi suburbs again

Lesego Moyo

Daughter taken to bedroom while her family tied up. Thugs steal R100K.

Picture: Thinkstock

A manhunt has been launched after the notorious “Axe Gang” struck in the Blairgowrie area in Johannesburg. They primarily target elderly people.

Two members of the gang stormed into a house, attacking three people yesterday. They reportedly took the daughter to her parents’ room and tied the two remaining members of the family up with cables. One of the suspects stood guard while the other one searched the house, Randburg Sun reported.

The suspects carried an axe and threatened to hurt the daughter.

They got away with an Xbox, a TV, jewellery, liquor, two bank cards and their PINs. The suspects later withdrew money from the accounts.

The money and goods are worth more than R100 000. None of the victims was ultimately physically harmed though they are deeply shaken.

“We are urging residents to use their alarm [systems] and to make sure that they work,” said Linden police captain Alex Vermaak.

He said people should take more caution and test their alarm systems regularly.

Vermaak added that these were the same men who had targeted elderly residents in five attacks that happened in March.

“No arrests have been made yet but we are following good leads,” said Captain Vermaak.

Police have issued a stern warning about the gang, saying it appeared as though the perpetrators had a good knowledge of the area or lived in the vicinity and that they were targeting elderly residents who were more vulnerable.

“It is very important that residents should not investigate a possible situation but rather call and wait for help. If a noise is heard at night, press your panic button, call the police or your security service provider,” he said.

– Caxton News Service