Jacqueline Herbst
1 minute read
3 May 2016
2:30 pm

Near drowning caused by freak wave

Jacqueline Herbst

The woman was walking along the beach when she got swept out to sea.

A woman almost drowned at Westbrook Beach in KwaZulu-Natal when a freak wave knocked her over and swept her out to sea on Tuesday.

“The woman, fully clothed, was walking along the beach when a wave knocked her feet out from under her and dragged her into the sea,” said IPSS Medical Rescue operations manager, Paul Herbst.

eThekwini lifeguards acted swiftly to rescue the woman from the ocean after being alerted by Westbrook residents who witnessed the incident at about 10:30 am, North Coast Courier reported.

“The woman has been taken to hospital in a critical but stable condition,” said Herbst.

Herbst said the under-currents at Westbrook were stronger than many people realised.

– Caxton News Service