Kevin van der List
1 minute read
3 May 2016
10:50 am

Animals brutally killed at Bunny Park

Kevin van der List

The workers did not explain why they had chased the animal and kicked it.

The chicken tha was euthanased after motor oil was poured on it. Picture: Benoni City Times

Three Benoni Bunny Park employees, on the East Rand, allegedly kicked a bunny to death in the park on Monday morning.

According to a member of the Bunny Park Animals 911 Group, Tania Forrest-Smith, the employees chased after the animal at around 10:25am, Benoni City Times reported.

“We saw them chasing after the bunny and kicking it to death,” added Forrest-Smith.

Forrest-Smith said the workers did not explain why they had chased the animal and kicked it.

She said the animal was thrown on the back of a vehicle, when one of the group’s volunteers demanded to be given the injured bunny which was “barely alive. The animal died at 10:35am.”

Forrest-Smith added a chicken had to be euthanased after one of the park’s workers apparently put motor oil on the bird in order to control its fleas.

The group’s members washed the oil off the chicken, but a decision was taken to put the animal down.

“I cannot put into words the horror and disgust,” said Forrest-Smith.

Shelley Owens, co-chairperson of the Benoni SPCA, said senior inspector Vicky Finnemore visited the park after the Benoni SPCA were called to the facility. Finnemore took down statements from witnesses and the alleged abusers.

Forrest-Smith, together with two other people who witnessed the incident, wrote affidavits at the Benoni Police Station.

Co-chairperson of the Benoni SPCA, Shelley Owens said the organisation received the carcass of a bunny and chicken.

Owens said if the post-mortem finds that the animals died inhumanely, legal action will be taken against the guilty employees.

A private veterinarian will conduct the examination, with results expected by the end of the week.

– Caxton News Service