Dog found killed in alleged food poisoning



An odd mixture of pap, beer and ‘black pellet poison’ was found at the pet owner’s gate.

A Glenhills family in KwaZulu-Natal has been left devastated after their dog died in an apparent food poisoning incident on Tuesday morning.

The family believes the dog was poisoned, the owners discovered the one-year-old Labrador in the back of the property on Daphne Road in a ‘sorry state’, Northglen News reported.

They rushed her to a local veterinary clinic, however, they received the call to say the dog had died.

The owner, Donavan Leach said following their dog’s death they discovered an odd mixture of pap, beer and what looks to be a ‘black pellet poison’ at his front gate.

This after Limpopo police said the poisoning of pets amounts to committing a serious criminal offense.

This follows a suspect dog poisoning incident in which a family woke up to the tragic death of their beloved cat, Sugar Man yesterday.

The cat’s owner said she found the carcass of the six-year-old Sugar Man on her way to work.

“I had no chance to revive him, and I could not even give him any assistance or take him to the veterinarian. Upon investigation, my husband found that the cat had been poisoned.

“I cannot understand why this happened; he never bothered anyone and now he was killed in this horrible way,” she added.

To prevent the spread of the poison, Sugar Man’s carcass had to be burned.

– Caxton News Service


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