Andrea Küsel
1 minute read
15 Apr 2016
11:52 am

Jacaranda FM radio personality robbed at home

Andrea Küsel

The robbers told her ‘not to be stupid’ when she tried reaching for her phone.

Dianne Broodryk was robbed in her home in The Reeds on Thursday afternoon. Photo: Rekord Centurion

The radio personality, Dianne Broodryk was robbed in broad daylight in her home in Centurion, Pretoria on Thursday.

Broodryk, a newsreader on the Complimentary Breakfast on Jacaranda FM, told the Rekord Centurion she was alone in her home in the Reeds when this happened, Rekord Centurion reported.

The robbers ordered Broodryk to lie down on a couch and they covered her with a blanket.

“I wanted to reach for my phone but one of the robbers told me not to be stupid,” she said.

The robbers demanded to know where Broodryk kept her jewellery, laptops and other valuable belongings.

“Shortly afterwards, the robbers fled with cellphones, computers and jewellery,” Broodryk said.

From what Broodryk could see the robbers were not armed.

“I could just see that one of the robbers had something that looked like a koevoet in his hand.”

“I just want my phone and my laptop back. I have so much work on that laptop that is now lost. I also have photos and sentimental things on my phone.”

Investigations by the Wierdabrug police are underway.

– Caxton News Service