Corlia Kruger
2 minute read
11 Apr 2016
4:10 pm

VIDEO: Cop chases, arrests ‘carjackers’

Corlia Kruger

The two men were taken into custody and police found the equipment used to break into vehicles.

Screen-grab: The police officer pounces on the suspects and hand cuffed them following high-speed chase

A video showing a police officer on a motorbike chasing down and arresting two alleged car thieves has gone viral on social media.

Warrant Officer Stoffel Holtzhausen of Pretoria North Police caught all the action on camera as he followed-up on a report of a stolen vehicle – and arrested two suspects, Rekord North reported.

“The report and description of a stolen vehicle in Pretoria North was called in on the community radio. Something in the back of my mind told me the vehicle was still driving around in the area and I asked the sector police to keep an eye out for it,” said Holtzhausen.

When Holtzhauzen received the call that a vehicle matching the description of the stolen car, with the same registration number was seen, he tracked it down to a parking lot in Emily Hobhouse Street.

“The two men were taken into custody and police found the equipment used to break into vehicles,” he added.

In a separate incident, CCTV shows three robbers chased by Centurion Concerned Citizens (CCC) and CPF members in Wierda Park, Centurion, in Gauteng, in February.

CCC spokesperson Hannes Du Buisson said a call was received about three men driving a white car on the corner of Howick and Underberg streets.

“Upon following up, we found that the suspects robbed people by stopping them and taking their cellphones and money,” said Du Buisson.

The armed suspects lost control of their vehicle during the chase, hit a pavement, and came to a standstill, Du Buisson said.

“They jumped out and ran. Fortunately, they ran under a CCTV camera, and we managed to capture the footage,” added Du Buisson.

Du Buisson said CCC members arrested one of the robbers, who was found with a cellphone in his possession.

– Caxton News Service