Andre de Kock
Motorsport Editor
5 minute read
10 Oct 2020
7:51 am

Thrilling MotoGP trumps ‘boring’ F1

Andre de Kock

Start to finish action better than the usual Sunday yawn fest.

What do you watch? Formula One or MotoGP? Pictures: Getty Images

Ooh, this is going to make people angry. Comparing the popularity of various motorsport disciplines will always be a touchy subject – especially when the comparison involves the official top echelons of four-wheeler and two-wheeler racing. And, when one of the two disciplines is losing fans at a steady rate while the other is gaining friends, pointing out the facts will certainly ruffle feathers. We are just going to say it – Formula One's international popularity is steadily declining, while MotoGP's global following is steadily growing. We do not just state this willy-nilly – we are quoting other people, much...