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4 Mar 2015
11:15 am

Almost 300 motorbike accidents in 2015

Citizen reporter

Only three months into the year, emergency services have already attended to about 300 motorbike incidents.

FILE PICTURE: A photo of the Kawasaki motorcycle involved in an accident. Image posted to Twitter by Charles Byrne (@JnrEGM).

ER24 spokesperson Chitra Bodasing said many bikers either lost their lives or sustained serious or critical injuries.

Incidents included collisions between bikers and vehicles as well as bikers losing control of their motorcycles and crashing.

Several cyclists have also either been killed and critically injured.

“One of the worst incidents this year was that of a cyclist who was killed when he collided with a vehicle about 30 kilometres outside Nelspruit.

The man’s body was found severed in half on the front passenger side of the vehicle,” said Bodasing in a statement.

Hugh Brown, from the ER24 Motorcycle Medical Response Unit, said: “I have attended to numerous incidents. As a biker and medic, it is worrying to see the extent of injuries sustained during these incidents”.

Seeing first-hand the severity of injuries sustained, such as fractures, head injuries and decapitation, Brown said he is lucky to have escaped serious injury thus far.

“I was involved in a collision, however, I escaped with a sprained ankle and a small amount of road rash because I was wearing full gear,” he said.

ER24 urges bikers, cyclists and motorists to be cautious and courteous to each other.

Brown provided the following advice for road users:

  • Motorists and riders should not allow themselves to be distracted while on the road.
  • Do not speed. Alter your speed according to the environment you are in.
  • Slow down, keep your anger in check and remember that proving a point is not worth killing someone.
  • Wear approved protective gear. A quality helmet and decent jacket have saved bikers from serious harm. The more gear a rider wears, and the better quality thereof, the lesser the chances of sustaining serious injuries in most cases.
  • Riders should also conduct a safety inspection on their bicycle or bike prior to riding.
  • Remember to stay away from areas you are not allowed to ride in. Cyclists for example, are not allowed on highways.
  • Bikers and cyclists should remember that they are less visible than other vehicles on the road. Ensure you do as much as you possibly can to be visible. For example, wear reflective clothing, especially at night.

Bodasing said ER24’s Emergency Contact Centre can be reached 24 hours a day on 084 124 for any medical emergency.