Motoring reporter and Mark Jones
1 minute read
29 Nov 2016
1:02 pm

Tested: The new BMW M4 GTS

Motoring reporter and Mark Jones

The latest German war machine has more than enough power to pull your face off on the track.


The good thing about the new BMW M4 GTS is that it is a special edition car exclusively limited to 700 units to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the BMW M3; the sad thing is only 23 GTS have been allocated to find homes in South Africa and all are already sold out.



To prove if the M4 GTS delivers the ultimate driving dynamics, The Citizen’s road test editor, Mark Jones, put it to the test at the Gerotek testing facility in Pretoria.

Compared to the M4 Coupe it is slightly quicker off the line thanks mostly to larger, sticky rubber, but then the spoilers start to do their job and suck the car on to the ground and slow it down, and it is slower to 1km. Also, it doesn’t get near its claimed limited 305km/h top speed in Highveld conditions.

But this car is not about what it does in a straight line – it is all about the cornering and it does a 7:27 at the Nurburgring versus the 7.52 of the M4 Coupe.

“I do think fuel and heat have a role to play here because of the increased boost, and with some E85 in the tank this car should be a little quicker,” Mark said.

“Oh and make sure the water injection tank is full. Because without water it really doesn’t feel happy.”

The BMW M4 GTS ran a 3.94 second 0-100km/h, a 12.08 sec 1/4 mile, reached 242.50km/h at the 1km mark and peaked at 291.68km/h for its top speed at Gerotek.