Audi A4 allroad – testing time

From doing the daily commute to The Citizen offices to getting to the airport to lugging a race car around Gauteng with absolute ease, Audi A4 allroad has proven to be the perfect companion.

Our long term Audi A4 allroad has been with us a few months now and has proven to be a valuable member of the team.

From doing the daily commute to The Citizen offices to getting to the airport, where I spend a lot of my time, to lugging a race car around Gauteng with absolute ease it has proved to be the perfect companion. It comes with a full house of standard luxury and R90k worth of really nice to have options like the MMI 3G navigation system down to the 10 arm rotor 18 inch wheels.

Talking of wheels it was time to get our Audi out to the Gerotek test facility just West of Pretoria and see what it could do against the clock. Our Audi is fitted with the group’s legendary 2.0 litre turbocharged diesel powerplant that sees 130 kW of power and 380 Nm of torque being distributed down to all four wheels via a smooth shifting seven speed S tronic gearbox.

It is not only the peak numbers that matter. More importantly for an everyday drive, this power and torque is spread across a wide range.

This TDI engine comes with common rail injection technology and a diesel particulate filter and, as standard, all engines are equipped with the start-stop system and recuperation. As a result they are among the most fuel-efficient power units in their class.

And as you can see from my log book, I am averaging a very respectable 8.1 litres/ 100 kkilometres with the allroad. The bottom line is that one in every two Audi cars sold today is a diesel.

What we take for granted now was quite a sensation a mere 20 years ago when Audi revolutionised the market with the first 2.5 litre TDI engine. Since the first TDI the engines have become more economical whilespecific output has increased.

It was only logical that a diesel car should enter the world of motorsport. And successfully, too, in 2006 when Audi was the first car maker to win the Le Mans 24 Hours with a diesel-powered race car , the Audi R10 TDI – and then went on to repeat this victory several times with the Audi R10.

Okay, so our long termer is by no means a race car, but it performed admirably with the 0-100 km/h sprint taking a shade over 10 seconds. It rached the one kilometre mark just short of 170 km/h and stopped at a decent 220 km/h true top speed.

The in gear acceleration was equally good with the 60-100 km/h and 80-120 km/h segments being knocked off in just over five and seven seconds respectively.

We are heading towards the 10 000 kilomtre mark with the car and still not a single problem to report. Join us next month for an update from a trip to Welkom with BMW race car loaded to the back of this impressive family car.

Log Book

Odo reading start: 4 816 km

Odo reading now: 9 959 km

Distance covered: 5 143 km

Fuel consumed: 416.55 litres

Total fuel cost: R5 262.81

Ave consumption: 8.10 litres / km


Road Test Stats

Model: Audi A4 allroad 2.0 TDI Quattro S tronic

Engine: 2.0 litre Turbodiesel

Power: 130 kW @ 4 200 rpm

Torque: 380 Nm @ 1 750 – 2 500 rpm

0-100 Km/h: 10.13 seconds

1/4 Mile: 17.38 seconds @ 132.04 km/h

1 Km: 31.54 seconds @ 167.94 km/h

True Top Speed: 220.33 km/h @ 3 500 rpm in 7th (224 km/h Clock)



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