Testing the claims

You have seen the advertising.

You have the money.

You go out and purchase a performance vehicle on the basis of this slick marketing campaign designed to do just that, lure you into a vehicle on the promise of superior performance.

You now have the bragging rights around the braai that you own the fastest car on the block. You can rattle off the claimed figures quicker than you can your wedding anniversary date.

But what if I told you that there is very little chance of your vehicle achieving these heady numbers as advertised?

Most of these numbers quoted are achieved overseas within specially prepared and set parameters by the manufacturers that vary from vehicle selection, to the use of available high octane fuel, right down to the use of highly trained test drivers.

This is precisely why we comprehensively road test certain cars, we want to bring you a picture that is far closer related to reality as we know it in SA.



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today in print