Innocent till proven guilty

Gerrie Nel is rather emphatic that Oscar Pistorius refuses to take responsibility for his actions.

It would be fascinating to see him grill Vusi Mona, who has once again tried to shift blame for the e-toll billing fiasco. It is because of numberplate cloning he tells. Thank goodness we have his insight to explain this.

Motorists living on this planet have been aware of numberplate cloning for years.

It is nothing new that camera issued traffic fines are sent to people who do not own the vehicle involved.

This is old news that Sanral was aware of years ago. It was pointed out as one of the numerous reasons e-tolling would not work.

The idea that people incorrectly billed must prove there innocence is ludicrous and the fact that special laws had to be enacted to shift the burden of proof show clearly how iniquitous the e-toll system is. Innocent until proven guilty, that is why Oscar is on trial.



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