Glen Hill
2 minute read
9 Apr 2014
3:00 pm

Formula Dumb

Glen Hill

A sport is nothing but a set of rules, it does not exist until the rules are made, and it can only function within the constraints of those rules.

Formula One is no different, yet it seems to gain more notoriety for its breaches of the rules than its adherence too them.

The latest racket is about the lack of noise. Apparently this has caused such an uproar that there is talk of changing the rules to make the cars a bit more noisy. One of the suggestions as to how this might be achieved is to increase the fuel flow and total allowance marginally.

No wonder Formula One is referred to as a circus. Firstly how could the geniuses in charge not have anticipated the problem. In the multi-million dollar world of Formula One where technology is at the very cutting edge, did no one realise that they did not need their earmuffs?

Did no one running the sport or heavily involved at the cutting edge ever consider that so much of the passion generated by attending a race was derived from the screams of tortured engines living only fractionally inside the envelope? Clearly not.

It seems very obvious to me that those running Formula One are so detached from what drives the fans, that they are unable to keep them happy for more than a race or two. After that, change the rules. No wonder the sport is so expensive and is increasingly laughed at. Millions have been spent on developing engines to comply with the current rules. By definition most teams will be unhappy, in sport more competitors lose than win. That’s no reason to change the rules.

Perhaps they are looking to widen their audience, forget about the passionate petrolheads bring in the viewers who will buy the products that are advertised in the breaks.

Only the most expert fan can really tell who is driving well, much less the average consumer. Corporate sponsors have sterilised the drivers, so personalities can hardly attract new fans. It is now up to the rule-makers to broaden the appeal. If the sport suffers, so what.