5 clever back-to-school hacks

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There are a number of things both parents and learners can do to make the start of the school year easier.

While it can be the most dreaded time of the year for some, it can also be exciting for those looking forward to a new school year.

Hopefully by now you have all your supplies, and to ease into the year, Northglen News has compiled a list of things you can do as a parent or a learner to make the transition phase easier.

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1. Have your children pack their school bags before they go to sleep the night before school

Encourage your children to lay out their school clothes the night before, and to pack their school bags. Using a checklist to establish a regular morning routine is the best way to tackle the problem, and also to prevent forgetting anything.

2. Create a family calendar that tracks your family’s activities and commitments

This will help you keep track of your family’s busy life with ease, including your child’s extracurricular classes. Best of all, it’s a way to know where everyone is supposed to be.

3. Do not procrastinate

This may seem like an obvious choice, but so many of us have been guilty of this in the past and have learned the stressful repercussions. According to research, a habit is formed in three weeks, so if you study on a regular basis within a 21-day-cycle, it will positively impact your grades and make you a better, more diligent and organised student.

4. Visit your kids’ future school before the term starts

A new school can make any child anxious; it’s all about adjustment. The best thing to do is to take your child to the school before the term starts, so they get used to the environment. Some suggest trying to organise play dates with other kids who go to that school, so when your child starts the year, they already have friends. This is especially helpful when kids are starting grade 1 or grade 8.

5. Start covering their books as soon as possible

Get into the swing of things by getting admin out of the way as quickly as possible, to focus on getting your child back into the school routine.

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