Phillip Phillips to support The Script on SA tour

Picture: Getty Images

Singer-songwriter Phillip Phillips – so good they named him twice – will be touring with The Script in February next year as the Irish trio punt their new collection, No Sound Without Silence.

Phillips won the eleventh season of American Idols and has since used his raspy voice and intricate guitar playing (think Dave Matthews without the sax and violins) to good effect, with his single Home, released in 2012, already rated quadruple platinum.

Phillips is no stranger to big tours, having spent a good portion of last year travelling with Matchbox 20 and John Mayer.

His relaxed attitude to performing may be a result of this experience.

He says: “‘We just go out there and jam out and try to make it different and exciting, instead of playing the songs exactly how they sound on the album.

“It’s all about real musicians playing real music that we’re passionate about and just having a good time, and hopefully we’re giving the crowd a good time too.”


Tour Information:

Cape Town
4th February 2015
Grand Arena, GrandWest
Ticket Price: R325 – R520
Tickets on sale now from

6th February 2015
ICC Durban Arena
Ticket Price: R295 – R520
Tickets on sale now from

7th February 2015
Crocodile Creek
Ticket Price: R425 – R550
Tickets on sale now from

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