Hip-hop star Stilo Magolide ‘strangles’, ‘punches’ model girlfriend – report



Stilo Magolide has upheld the ‘men are trash’ trend.

Musician and fashionista Stilo Magolide, real name Michael Chirwa, has allegedly joined the long list of men accused of assaulting their girlfriends.

Chirwa reportedly strangled, punched and pulled his model girlfriend, Casey Purshouse, last week during a heated argument.

According to The Sunday World, Purshouse opened a case of assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm. The police statement, seen by the Sunday publication, stated the two had a fight after Purshouse found out Chirwa was cheating on her.

“The complainant alleges she went to his apartment in Saxonwold to collect her belongings because she found out he was cheating on her with another woman.

“He denied it, and she showed him the proof of messages, which were stored in her cellphone,” the statement read.

“He pushed her and pulled her legs, she tried to resist and stood up, but he pushed her to the wall and continued pulling her by the hair. She pushed him away.”

“He came back and handled her by the neck and pulled off her chain.”

Chirwa allegedly opened a counter charge.

“They started fighting by grabbing and pushing, and the lady sustained injuries because she was scratched by a ring. She went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and wanted to stab him,” the statement read.

Purshouse said the police told her he had been arrested, but got out on bail on Monday.

She is waiting for her court date.


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