Adriaan Roets
3 minute read
14 Mar 2020
10:14 am

Paws in the East: A private dog park with a taste for charity

Adriaan Roets

There are endless picnic spots (and even places to braai) with a vast central lawn.

Picture: iStock

Did you know that it’s a by-law infringement allowing your dog to go off-leash in any public parks in South Africa? Walk through any park in SA and you will find countless dogs just wandering about, with some human shouting at the poor animals for being themselves. This careless action by dog owners is, however, a welcome infringement at Paws in the East, except here the human is responsible. Paws in the East is one of Gauteng’s only privately owned off-leash dog parks, and it doubles up as a home for stray and adoption dogs. Seven hectares of heaven for...