Carina Claassens
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7 Dec 2017
3:08 pm

Don’t forget to do these 13 things before going on holiday

Carina Claassens

Whether you’re traveling abroad or spending the holiday season on home ground, there are certain things everyone should do before packing up and setting off.

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Ensure a hassle-free trip and relaxing return with this really useful list of things to do before going on holiday.

1. Take photos of important documents

Take photos of your passport, driver’s licence, flight details and whatever else you can think of, and email them to yourself. Even if you’re not going overseas, imagine how inconvenient it would be to be without your driver’s license on a long trip. Also carry printouts of these documents in your luggage.

2. Chat to your neighbours

Make sure your neighbours know that you’re not in town, and, if you know them well enough, leave a set of keys with them just in case. It’s always reassuring to know that someone you trust is keeping an eye on your property.

3. Turn off the geyser

If you’re going to be away for more than a day, it’s worth switching off the geyser. You’ll save electricity and lessen the chance of the geyser rupturing while you’re away.

4. Invest in lights that work on a timer

Lights that switch on automatically at night will create the illusion that someone’s home. This could assist in detering burglars. It’s also wise to leave one or two lights on inside the house.

5. Water your plants

Plants will miss regular watering, so make sure they don’t die by installing a DIY drip irrigation system using plastic bottles. Alternatively, put indoor plants like peace lilies in the bathtub, resting in a bit of water.

6. Disconnect your car battery if you won’t be using it

Going on a long trip? To prevent the battery running flat, disconnect it before you leave. If you leave your car battery connected while it’s not being used, chances are you’ll have to invest in a brand new one.

7. Charge electronics

Charge your phone, camera and powerbank. There’s nothing worse than wanting to take a photo, send a message, or check any of your trip details, only to receive a “low battery” notification.

8. Buy adapter plugs

If you’re traveling to a foreign country, make sure you have enough adpater plugs to charge your electronics and use your hairdryer. And if traveling locally, pack a two-point plug, the one thing that’s hardly ever included when renting accommodation!

9. Make sure your security system works

Check burglar gates and alarm systems a good few weeks before your trip. If anything is faulty, make sure there’s enough time for repairs.

10. Ensure prepaid electricity has been topped up

If you make use of prepaid electricity, ensure that it’s topped up to avoid coming home to no power and a smelly fridge.

11. Double check your insurance

If you are traveling with expensive electronics, check that they’re covered under your out-and-about insurance plan. Also make sure you understand what exactly you’re covered for when traveling abroad.

12. Confirm any reservations

If you’re renting accommodation or a vehicle, confirm your reservation prior to your departure.

13. Last but not least …

Take out the trash, or your return will be less than welcoming.

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