#GrowingUpBlack takes us back

Growing up black. Picture: Twitter

Growing up black. Picture: Twitter

Twitter has a way of reminding people where they come from, especially those who grew up in the same environment, characteristic-wise.

Most black people know what it’s like getting a plate of pap and meat and being told to finish the pap first. We also were not allowed to eat at a friend’s, so if you were unlucky to have visited your friend and found them eating, you would just sit there, or find something else to do while you wait for them to finish eating. Remember those nice plates that were only used for visitors? Those ones that decorated the room divider? Of course you remember.

How about doing something wrong and when your mother asked you about it you never knew whether to explain yourself or just remain quiet? Here is the most painful one: when mom beat the hell out of you while telling you not to cry.

The thing is, if you cried you would get punished even more for making noise; if you didn’t cry, you would get punished even more for your sturbonness. It was painful then, but these are things that made up our childhood, we look back and laugh about them now. Let’s see what Twitter has to say about those childhood memories.






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