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10 Jul 2015
2:32 pm

CTown grants metered licenses to Uber drivers

ANA Reporter

The City of Cape Town granted 145 metered taxi operating licenses to Uber drivers within the city, it announced on Friday.

Uber. Photo: Alistair Russel

“This service has the potential to raise the quality of service in our city and to make on-demand transport services more commuter-focused and commuter-friendly,” Councillor Brett Herron said.

South African metered taxi operators recently voiced unhappiness over the fact that Uber operators were operating without licences.

Herron acknowledged that while the Uber model did not strictly fit within the provisions of the National Land Transport Act, but its operators had to comply with legislation and regulations applicable to them. He added that these legal requirements needed to be applied to them equally, as they were all transport operators.

He said Uber provided consumers with an innovative, alternative transport option and the city supported “efforts to modernise and integrate public transport in the city”.