Expect slow internet on Friday

Picture Thinkstock

Picture Thinkstock

South African internet users have been warned to expect slower connectivity on Friday due to maintenance by Seacom.

Seacom is upgrading its major terrestrial backhaul connectivity within the country which may results in slower Internet speeds for some broadband users, according to MyBroadband.

This upgrade is expected to occur between 10pm on 11 July and 7am on 12 July.

Some service providers are now informing their clients that maintenance on the Seacom cable system tomorrow night is expected to cause some Internet disruptions.

All internet connections, over 3G, ADSL lines, and Wifi connections are expected to be impacted, including home networks.

Seacom confirmed that it is planning maintenance on its system, which may affect some customers. It went on to say that the upgrade is expected to enhance stability and resiliency within the Seacom network as well as to help meet continued customer demand.




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