#FitnessFriday with Glen Sims (Alvin Ailey Dance Theater)

#FitnessFriday with Glen Sims (Alvin Ailey Dance Theater)

In the spirit of #FitnessFriday, we bring you some easy ballet work-out moves to try over the weekend.

This is the perfect time to not only reflect on how much fitness you have gained over the past week but add on to that.

For this week’s Fitness challenge The Citizen met up with Alvin Ailey Dance Theater dancer, Glen Allen Sims, to get our ballet fitness groove on. I mean who does not want to have the physique of a ballet dancer?

Glen Allen Sims of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theate

Glen Allen Sims of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater | Picture by: Wendy Nyoni

Don’t worry, the moves are not advanced. If anything they are the perfect full-body work-out moves, fit for any body structure. The participant this time was Tshepiso Linda, who in trying to keep up with Sims, pliĆ©d herself into exhaustion.

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“It was a great experience to work out with a great dancer like Glen Allen Sims. The work-out moves were doable and can be perfected with more practice. My muscles hurt the following day but then I knew my hard work (just for that day) had paid off,” said Linda.

She said it was an overall fun experience and this is clear in the video, especially when she teaches Sims a South African dance move called Sushi!

Watch the video here:




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