CNS Reporter
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31 Jul 2015
10:56 am

Who is taking the minions?

CNS Reporter

No one seems to know where the minions on the beloved billboard on William Nicol Drive have gone.

The billboard before the minions started disappearing. PIC: Sandton Chronicle

Motorists travelling on William Nicol Drive, past Bryanston High, could attest to seeing something amiss when travelling under the Minions billboard this morning. Another minion had mysteriously disappeared after one had gone missing almost a month ago, Sandton Chronicle reported.

Express 947 tweeted the minion had been stolen and that if found it should be returned to MNet.

The first disappearance of the missing minions was tweeted by @Olo_Mongale three weeks ago.

Do you think the little yellow characters may be leaving the billboard of their own accord in search of a new master, as one fan theory suggests?

– Caxton News Service