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9 Sep 2014
12:22 pm

Boycott Generations – Cosatu

Cosatu wants viewers to take part in a week long "switch off" of local soap opera Generations, general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi said on Tuesday.

FILE PICTURE: A picture that was tweeted by Cosatu on the 3rd of September with the Generations cast.

“The campaign therefore has to be taken to a new level,” he told reporters in Johannesburg.

“What you cannot win through negotiation. You have to win on the streets.”

The switch-off would start on September 15 and include repeats and the weekend omnibus. The campaign would include pickets and sending letters to the ministers of communication, labour, arts and culture, and trade and industry.

Sixteen generation actors were fired on August 18 for going on strike over a wage dispute.

Thirteen of these actors attended the media briefing.

Vavi said the Congress of SA Trade Unions and the Creative Workers Union of SA agreed to campaign for the actors’ demands.

These demands included a reduction of working hours to 10, social benefits, an end to inconsistencies in remuneration, for the SABC to pay royalties, and better working conditions.

“Media reports that Generations actors earned an average of R55,000 a month is nonsense, ” Vavi said.

“Generations made a profit of R500 million in one financial year, but failed to pay royalties calculated over 11 years… that is blatant robbery,” he said.