Watch: ‘Truck surfing’ in Joburg

The Citizen’s photographer caught this footage of a ‘truck surfer’ hitching a ride this week.

While driving to an assignment in Soweto, along New Canada Road, Citizen photographer Michel Bega saw this guy holding on to the back of a truck about two cars ahead of him.

What he was doing was clearly dangerous, but he looked like an experienced truck surfer. He was carrying a grocery bag and appeared to be in his twenties.


Bega followed the truck for about 4km. The man was unfazed by being filmed, and even occasionally turned and laughed, and at times seemed to be dancing while hanging on. He also occasionally greeted people alongside the road. At times, we must have reached as much as 60km/h.

He eventually casually jumped off when the truck stopped at a traffic light, and he proceeded on foot. He even waved and gave a thumbs-up as Bega left.




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