EcoMobility Festival – the excitement builds!

EcoMobility Festival – the excitement builds!

Excitement is building for the EcoMobility World Festival 2015 which will take place in Sandton, Johannesburg from 1 to 31 October 2015. During this time, Festival events will be held at the weekends and limited road access will apply in certain areas.

“We are getting increasing questions about how to navigate Sandton during the Festival”, said MMC Walters, MMC for Transport, City of Johannesburg. “While there will be no place that will not be accessible by private car, our message to Sandton residents and workers, is; experiment with public transport and change the way you move!”

The City has finalised its plan for the streets of Joburg, termed the “EcoMobility Footprint” and the details are provided below. In the coming two weeks, all public transport and alternative offerings will be publicised, along with the exciting events that will be happening in Sandton this October, bringing people to the city on foot, bike or via public transport.


Details about the EcoMobility World Festival Footprint

The EcoMobility Festival precinct broadly comprises the following streets in the Sandton central business district (CBD); Rivonia Road, Fredman Drive, and Fifth Street. Within the EcoMobility Festival precinct, vehicle movement will be managed or limited to create a pedestrian and cycling friendly environment.

Although vehicular access will be restricted, managed access (controlled by JMPD officers) will be permitted to all buildings and construction sites, ensuring that business operation, deliveries and construction continues as usual. People with disabilities will be given access and motorists are requested to be considerate of all road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists.

West Street

The Gautrain Station internal drop-off/pickup facility and parking area will be accessible from Rivonia Road through managed access. For the section north of the Gautrain station, The Michelangelo, 135 West, Sandown Clinic and Citibank (145 West) employees and visitors will be given access to their properties. Pedestrian conflict with the abovementioned users will be controlled and managed by designated JMPD officers. This is the purple area of the footprint.

Corporate shuttle services will be given access, according to current routes. When vehicles exit the Gautrain Station, they will be required to turn south back towards Rivonia Road. All vehicles requiring access to the north side of West Street or Stella will need to enter West Street from the corner of Fredman and West.

Instead of travelling north on West Street, vehicles will have to use Rivonia Road or Fifth Street to travel around the EcoMobility Festival Precinct.

West Street Southbound (from Fredman to Rivonia) will only be accessible via the JMPD controlled intersection at Fredman and West. This is also the only means to access the east portion of Maude Street, which will operate as a one-way eastbound (from West to Rivonia) only, and will therefore be closed for westbound travel at Rivonia Road.

To access a destination south of Maude Street on West Street, return northbound on West Street (dark yellow on the visual footprint) down the two way Street operating behind hoarding separating it from the Eco-Mobility Street (dark blue), and preferably turn right into Maude Street east to exit onto Rivonia Road.

Gwen lane

Gwen Lane will be fully accessible during weekdays from Fredman Drive only and will operate as a cul-de-sac at Maude Street (no throughway).

Alice lane

Alice Lane will be fully accessible during weekdays from Fifth Street only and will operate as a cul-de-sac with a turnaround facility at the intersection with West Street.

Maude Street (West)

Maude Street (West) between Fifth Street and West Street will be fully accessible during weekdays from Fifth Street only, and will operate as a cul-de-sac with a turnaround facility at the break in the median at the Garden Court Hotel entrance.

Stella Street

This Street will only be accessible via the intersection of West and Fredman with a northbound exit via the right turn onto Maude Street East.

Maude Street (East)

This Street will only be accessible via the intersection of West and Fredman or from Stella Street, with an eastbound exit onto Rivonia Road only.

Freight and deliveries

Freight and delivery services are encouraged to provide their services outside morning and afternoon peak periods and after hours. Delivery vehicles are subject to the same restrictions as described for the streets above. The City would like to encourage the use of smaller freight vehicles as far as possible.

Corporate shuttle services

Corporate shuttle services will be given access to the Gautrain station internal drop-off/pickup facility as is the case at present. When corporate shuttle services exit the Gautrain Station, they will have to turn south back towards Rivonia Road.

All corporate shuttles that want to drop-off customers on the North side of West Street or Stella will have to enter West Street from the corner of Fredman and West.

Shuttles that use West Street to travel north will have to exit onto Rivonia Road and travel anti-clockwise on the public transport dedicated loop (shown in pink around the EcoMobility area). Corporate shuttles will be allowed to use the public transport lane if their occupancy is at least eight persons or more. It should be noted that the use of the public transport loop is not compulsory. Corporate Shuttles can choose to travel clockwise via Rivonia, Fifth Street and Fredman Drive, or use the mixed traffic lane in the other direction.

People with Disabilities

People with disabilities will still be able to access their parking areas as mentioned above. The Gautrain Station is accessible to people with disabilities. The planned upgrading of West Street between Rivonia and Fredman will bring the precinct in line with universal access standards, thus making it easier for people with disabilities to use this Street safely.


The Festival seeks to reinforce the belief that roads have more than one purpose. They are being built for more than private vehicle use only, but are also the most common public spaces for walking, cycling, public transport, meeting people, and so on. It will feature various Dialogues, an EcoMobility World Exhibition and various public events. The Dialogues will encourage participants to think beyond the status quo of Sandton’s streets, encouraging debate on the future of urban transportation. The Exhibition will showcase avant-garde, innovative eco-friendly transport options.

The EcoMobility Festival strives to present a glimpse of the future, enabling residents, visitors and organisations to experience what a future, congestion-free precinct will look and feel like. As such, access to certain demarcated roads will be limited for private vehicles, encouraging public transport usage. To ensure that disruptions are limited, a comprehensive traffic management plan has been developed.

EcoMobility offers citizens the opportunity to decouple their status from their cars and experience the future now, with a message that the city is theirs and should be enjoyed by them. They will be encouraged to participate in an active street life, encompassing social inclusivity, a sustainable public transport system and streets that are safe to walk and cycle on.

The attached “EcoMobility Footprint” identifies the transport management route plans, as per the route details which have been set out above, for ease of reference. This Footprint and further information regarding the public transport and park and ride facilities are available online at







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