State Capture

Meet Jacob ‘Number One’ Zuma, dealmaker at SAA

A R15 billion SAA loan was earmarked for a specific ‘client’ by the former president, as the Zondo commission hears how he and former chairperson Dudu Myeni clipped the SOE’s wings.

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Gauteng – a paradise for crooked police, Corruption Watch report shows

The shocking report documents a rising trend of police officials attempting to extort sexual favours from women.

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Zuma’s Sona cost up to R9.2m, but Ramaphosa’s will cost only R2m this time, says parliament

As well as cutting costs, parliament says they will avoid the disruptions that became commonplace during the previous presidency.

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Still on parly list, but Masutha now ‘happily retired’

Masutha said he felt good to have served the country for 20 years and was not bitter that he did not make the cut for parliament.

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Arms deal money could’ve built 2m low-cost homes

Or it could have created 100,000 entry-level jobs for over a...

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Eight seemingly innocent things tourists can go to jail for

From swearing to porn and vaping, one could even get you the...

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SA’s ‘megamall’ era to come to an end with Fourways Mall

Due to the boom of online shopping, as well as an ailing...

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