Relax, thought followers…
Instead of the Edelman barometer, this year we could just measure the level of expressed anger about individual government’s roll-out of Covid vaccines.
Brian Molefe said that President Cyril Ramaphosa’s ‘political influence’ was ‘revolting’.
ATMs are one of the most convenient ways for people to access their money and Sassa beneficiaries in particular are the people who will suffer the most if ATMs are closed.
According to an affidavit filed in support of the R60bn class action suit by dispossessed homeowners against major banks.
The traders said while they supported government’s fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, they “fully support” SAB’s court action against the alcohol sales ban.
The Minister of Small Business Development and the DA shadow minister are at loggerheads regarding the actual amount of money spent to support small businesses during the pandemic.

Business News Cement industry facing improved operating environment

Applications for anti-dumping duties on imported cement and engagements with government about the designation of cement are forging ahead.

High court ‘erred’ – Santam

Business News High court ‘erred’ – Santam

Insurer denies accusations it was attempting to delay the process in paying out claims.

Business News As MTI Bitcoin dominoes start to fall Finalmente Global placed liquidation

Liquidators are expected to be appointed by the court in the coming days, and will then be tasked with tracing whatever assets remain in the company.

Business News Pick n Pay CEO to retire

Brasher’s departure is “very much a planned succession”, as he had informed the board of his plans over a year ago, but stayed on to until they had identified a suitable successor in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Business News Farmers cannot afford to pay higher wages – agri organisations

The National Minimum Wage per hour was proposed to increase 1,5% above inflation to roughly R21,69.

Business News How Spur is using delivery services to fight back

These cooking facilities set up for the preparation of delivery-only meals via ‘brands’ on delivery platforms are competing aggressively with established delivery-focused (or ‘takeaway’) operations.

Santam’s offer of three months for business interruption claims ‘unconscionable’

Business News Santam’s offer of three months for business interruption claims ‘unconscionable’

Santam has said that each policyholder will need to take it to court individually if they want more than the three month’s settlement, in a move that is being criticised as showing a lack of respect for their customers, the judiciary and the FSCA.

Business News SA’s total outlay for vaccinations could be no more than R8,6 billion

Vaccines are the most effective and permanent health responses, as demonstrated in the past with the smallpox, poliomyelitis, hepatitis B, measles, tetanus, diphtheria (whooping cough) and pneumococcal conjugate vaccines that reduced morbidity and mortality.

M&R lands huge overseas contract

Business News M&R lands huge overseas contract

Group ‘well positioned’ to operate through Covid-19 uncertainty.

Is there a crypto bubble?

Business News Is there a crypto bubble?

Analysts suggest that the decline is unlikely to be as severe as in 2018.

SA needs a long-term solution for boozy bad behaviour, not more bans

Business News SA needs a long-term solution for boozy bad behaviour, not more bans

The president’s gloating about empty trauma units gives the ban on booze too much credit, but South Africans still need to re-evaluate their destructive boozing habits, as the current ban is costing the country about R2 billion in taxes and threatening more than 160 000 jobs

Economists: No more stimulus at edge of fiscal cliff

Business News Economists: No more stimulus at edge of fiscal cliff

Economists believe it is time for government to step away from slogans and preconceived ideas, and help the economy by making it easier to do business and cutting red tape, lowering taxes, and reducing its wage bill.

Business News Centurion Hotel retrenches 86 staff members

Brumme explained that during heavy rainfall, water from the Hennops river, right across the road from the hotel, floods the property as it finds its way to the lake which borders the property.

Lid to come off South Africa’s wage gap

Business News Lid to come off South Africa’s wage gap

The Companies Amendment Bill is expected to make some progress during 2021 after apparently stalling somewhere along the legislative process during 2019 and 2020. Unless watered down before enacted, some of the proposed amendments might prompt a level of restraint so far missing from executive remuneration in South Africa. One of the most significant sections […]

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