Sleepy Garden Route town a bowl of worry as Covid-19 cases climb
Not only is Covid-19 creating a divide in the community, it has created an anxious atmosphere as people try desperately to claw as much money back as they can, a Sedgefield resident told The Citizen.
While Ramaphosa mentioned the Western Cape in his Thursday address, national stricter measures were not imposed in the province as originally expected.
Advocate Chris Orr, representing the PSA, cited Treasury’s own findings that the agreement can be enforced but would require that at least 5% of the public service be retrenched.
Despite Covid-19 surges, South Africans adamant of going on vacation
South Africans seem to be ready for the December holidays. Flights are getting full and accommodation at holiday destinations are filling up despite new Covid-19 surges.
Firmanox liquidated to pay back VBS money
The media firm’s ‘far-fetched’ story to dodge R24 million owed to the bank didn’t pass muster with the court.
E-tolls on the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) appear set to be part of the lives of motorists for another year – unless the government finally takes a decision to scrap the controversial scheme. This follows SA National Roads Agency (Sanral) engineering executive Louw Kannemeyer confirming to Moneyweb on Tuesday that the contract awarded to Electronic […]

Business News SA agribusiness confidence shoots to six-year high

Agri SA’s president, Pierre Vercueil, agreed that sentiments were positive across the majority of the country where good summer rain had fallen so far.

PIC hit by Covid-19 and state capture

Business News PIC hit by Covid-19 and state capture

PIC CEO Abel Sithole is of the view that: ‘Although the PIC has been found wanting in several areas of corporate governance and ethics, it continued to deliver on key aspects of its core client mandates.’

Business News Demand for South African ‘superfood’ blueberries booming

Most of the country’s blueberries are grown in the Western Cape province, also home to rolling vineyards and the coastal city of Cape Town.

Business News Consumer fraud up by 373% but less than 30% of victims reported it – Stats SA

There has been a staggering 373.3% increase in incidences of consumer fraud, but less than 30% of the victims say they reported it to the police. This according to the annual report released by Statistics SA, on Tuesday, which looked at victims of crime. The survey – based on 19 655 households, with a 29 […]

Business News Sasria will cover burned trucks if they were insured against civil unrest, public disorder, strikes, riots and terrorism

Sasria insurance is owned by government and is available for any individual, business, government institution or corporate entity with assets in South Africa.

Business News Breakdown: Government spent R1.79 trillion in 2018/19 financial year

During the financial year in question, environmental protection accounted for just 0.8% of total expenditure.

Trucking war costs a bundle and sabotages economy – economist

Business News Trucking war costs a bundle and sabotages economy – economist

‘It is service and criminality that is affecting the entire transport industry: rail overhead cables are being stolen, trucks are being burnt and you have the taxi violence – all amounting to economic sabotage.’

Black Friday figures show how pandemic has changed our lives

Business News Black Friday figures show how pandemic has changed our lives

The single biggest transaction of the day was a whopping R299 950, with online sales increasing by 50% compared to 2019.

Business News Steel shortage: small factories are on their knees

Small factory owners have to hunt for steel to complete projects and some had to close down or retrench workers due to the steel shortage, with some begging online for a few lengths of steel to stay in operation.

Business News Municipalities use electricity as money spinner for revenue collection – De Ruyter

Load shedding will remain a reality for now, though the risk of load shedding should be significantly reduced by September 2021 if De Ruyter is able to implement his plans. 

Business News Petrol price to decrease by 13 cents, diesel and paraffin go up

The price of diesel will go up by 19,86 cents a litre on 2 December – the day the latest prices kick in.

Business News SABC looking to sell off its non-core assets

The SABC will make a formal announcement for the date of the public auction.

Lewis customers turn to credit as pandemic hits

Business News Lewis customers turn to credit as pandemic hits

Most customers chose to purchase beds, lounge suites, fridges, stoves and washing machines during the first three months of the lockdown.

Moir’s exit pay gets a big no

Business News Moir’s exit pay gets a big no

In February this year, Woolworths announced Moir was stepping down as CEO.

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