Participants who wore hearing aids showed faster reaction times, which the team explain is a reflection of their concentration.
In the USA, almost two-thirds of Alzheimer’s patients are women.
Many people come just to get a drip for their skin, men and women alike.
770 000 people still died of HIV related illnesses last year.
Some 70 percent of women who have tried menstrual cups said they would like to continue using them.
‘Well-meaning’ commentary from friends and family about body weight is often associated with self-devaluation.

Why skiing is good for your kids’ health

With all the benefits of skiing, your next vacation should absolutely be a snow holiday.

5 easy exercises for seniors

Although care must be taken to avoid falling, dancing is a fun way to improve bone and heart health.

Storytelling can help the dying

Being able to tell the story of one’s life can bring comfort.

What you need to know about thyroid disorders

If untreated, hyperthyroidism can lead to serious complications, mainly related to the heart.

Ebola breaks out in DRC

The latest Ebola outbreak in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo has so far killed 1,655 people.

Tips for fighting depression

While depression is chemical, there are things you can do to lessen the symptoms.

Flu vaccine during pregnancy is safe for both mothers and children

Pregnant women and newborn children are two of the groups at a higher risk of serious illness during flu pandemics.

Sugary drinks and fruit juices could increase risk of cancer

A 100ml per day increase in the consumption of sugary drinks was associated with an 18% increased risk of overall cancer.

Scientists take ‘huge step forward’ for finding HIV cure

In a study, HIV has, for the first time, been completely eradicated in test animals.

Having no friends can cause bone loss in women – study

Women who experience psychosocial stress, alleviated by friendship, have lower bone density.

Study links smartphones to health problems, promiscuity and lower marks among students

The study conducted by the University of Chicago looked at 3,425 university student.

3 ways to improve your digestive health

Fibre is probably the most important nutrient that aids a healthy digestive process.

Quitting alcohol is good for mental health – study

For women the study was particularly conclusive.

Why you should join an outdoor fitness group

The great thing about these movements is that they all cater for varying fitness levels.




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