Heart health: Learn the signs
A whopping 210 South Africans die of heart disease every day.
Handle year-end slump
Eat adequate protein, exercise and sleep enough.
Looking for a way to shake things in up in the bedroom (or wherever else)? This gift guide might be just for you.
Week by week, we will show you some of the best exercises and eating plans to get trim for the beach.
How to manage joint pain
Disease is irreversible but symptoms can be managed.
Carpe diem after vaccine news
Travel industry waiting eagerly to return to business.

Fitness and Wellness WATCH: Siya Kolisi shares summer fitness tips

The Bok captain says workouts without equipment are just as effective.

Wellness & Health Thinking about getting a bigger butt? Here’s a surgeon’s advice

While some women wish to make the bum bigger, others only wish to improve the shape and lift the buttocks a little.

Wellness & Health Unpacking the legal and ethical aspects of South Africa’s COVID-19 track and trace app

The winning strategy came from South Korea, whose comprehensive testing and contact tracing was so effective that the country never had to impose a strict lockdown.

Losing one’s sex drive

Sex Losing one’s sex drive

If it is frequent it can be a sign of health problems that need treatment.

Sex ‘Gigolo 2.0’ sentenced in France for swindling Tinder dates

The man used sites such as Tinder to woo women whom he then robbed of their bank cards or details which he used to make online purchases.

Wellness & Health Insneezia is a thing – here’s what hay fever sufferers need to know

Cape Talk’s Nicola Jo Bruns postponed her wedding due to hay fever. Here’s what sufferers can do to make the season more bearable.

Mastering and understanding your different energy systems

Fitness Mastering and understanding your different energy systems

It is a complex system and there are several factors that affect your “general fitness level”.

Wellness & Health Technically, there is no such thing as a ‘superfood’

Buzzwords such as vegan, health and plant-based have doubled on Goggle on searches but this huge consumption is not just a fade, there are more ‘weird’ foods marketed as high nutrient and packed with protein.

5 tips to stay active as lockdown restrictions ease

Fitness 5 tips to stay active as lockdown restrictions ease

A dip in the pool with the kids or running around oudoors with them are great exercises.

Sex Love in lockdown: Couples share the impact of Covid restrictions on relationships

‘Having the family around 24/7 meant no opportunity whatsoever for intimacy.’ If you think lockdown was rough on your relationship, it’s totally normal.

Wellness & Health Chrissy Teigen’s touching and teary return to social media

Teigen was rushed to hospital and underwent two blood transfusions, but she and musician John Legend lost their third child, who they had already named Jack.

Fitness and Wellness Did lockdown measures turn us into couch potatoes?

Government mandates together with fear of contracting the virus have significantly impacted lifestyle behaviors alongside declines in mental health.

Wellness & Health Dense breast tissue signals higher risk for breast cancer

Almost two-thirds of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have no significant risk factors, highlighting the importance of all women being vigilant.

Cholesterol: The good and the bad, and everything else you need to know

Wellness & Health Cholesterol: The good and the bad, and everything else you need to know

There are a number of things you can do to reduce bad cholesterol – and yes, many of them involve your diet.

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