Scientific knowledge is not considered more important than the knowledge held by decision makers and civilians.
‘Visible policing’ as a concept has been discredited. The new minister is on the right track, but needs to focus even more.
He has to show that he’s a decisive leader who can take unpopular decisions.
As if the SA president doesn’t have enough to worry about in SA, many are now looking towards him to make the case for a solution to Palestine’s crisis.
In this age when people close off their minds to debate, it turns out ignorance is neither right nor a right.
The idea is great in theory, but there are more challenges than most people can even guess at.

Talking Point South African rugby star shines spotlight on the sport’s racist past

Racism permeated all sports. But rugby was where the greatest pain was felt, no doubt because Afrikaners misguidedly claimed it as their sport.

Talking Point Remembering SA’s catastrophe: the 1948 poll that heralded apartheid

Apartheid has been removed from the statute books for almost three decades. But a de facto apartheid endures both economically and socially.

Talking Point Why the Pan-African Parliament must clean up its act if it wants to survive

Recently, Julius Malema spoke at the Pan African Parliament, slamming its leaders and telling the parliament as a whole to get its act together.

Talking Point Changing the African narrative through social media platforms

Social media platforms are providing Africans with an opportunity to counter negative stereotypes by giving them representational agency.

Talking Point Transgender rights: Vital case heads to Equality Court

The case of a person presenting as male who wants to dress as a woman in a men’s prison has raised several concerns.

Talking Point The Zuma disaster: What took you so long, Trevor?

And it’s not getting any better as the policy of expropriation without compensation will cause further damage to personal wealth.

Talking Point Presidential term limits: slippery slope back to authoritarianism in Africa

Presidential term limits being abandoned or extended is leading to a reemergence of authoritarian politics and political violence.

Talking Point How last year’s ‘deal’ with the premiers is haunting the ANC

If voters don’t recognise their power, they might find themselves living in modern versions of the Bantustans.

Talking Point SA is now in a David vs Goliath fight with Trump’s USA

More than 7 500 jobs are on the line in Ramaphosa’s fight against a bully, but he has a few factors on his side.

Talking Point Countries must compete for migrant workers to boost their economies

The facts speak against our inherent prejudice of people supposedly coming to our country to ‘steal’ our jobs.

Talking Point Unstable coalition politics in SA is here to stay

With no party assured of outright victory any more, recent experiences are a lesson that SA parties need to learn to play the coalition game.

Talking Point Why South Africans are such filthy litterbugs

Littering in protest is indicative of a discordant society, and a culture of littering can tell us a lot about a society’s ethos.

Talking Point Why it’s wrong to blame SA’s woes on Mandela’s compromises

The problem with 1994 is not that there was too much compromise; it was that there was not enough.

Talking Point Three things Ramaphosa should focus on in his ‘new deal’ SA

And if you think you’re already being taxed to death, there’s still ‘ample room’ to add more taxation.




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