Four decades after his death in police custody on September 12 1977, Biko deserves to be recognised as one of the towering heroes of the anti-apartheid struggle.
Most of our understanding of the brain comes from the global North, with only minor contributions from places like Africa.
May’s ‘new approach’ to the continent is essentially the same old selfish Britain wrapped up in new packaging.
For a brief moment last week, US President Donald Trump served a useful purpose.
South Africa will be looking for a new energy plan that leads the way into the new global energy landscape.
Rapid advances in space technology mean that space is no longer just a stargazer’s paradise. Ghana wants in on the action, but it first has to overcome some legal obstacles.

Talking Point Trevor Noah is right. People can be both French and African

It is important to understand that the African diaspora constitutes complex and multiplicitous identities.

Talking Point Three approaches to land expropriation. Which one will SA pick?

Somewhere there will need to be compromise and a meeting of minds among those affected.

Talking Point How renaming a London street after Mandela was a 1980s act of resistance

There were many objections, but the city followed through.

Talking Point DA: We believe in black empowerment, just not of the ANC kind

The DA has been criticised for opposing the ANC’s policy of broad-based black economic empowerment. Chairperson James Selfe responds.

Talking Point Ramaphosa’s possible clever strategy on land expropriation

The president is being forced to change the constitution by Zuma supporters hoping to embarrass him. He may still have the last laugh.

Talking Point The term ‘fake news’ is doing great harm. ‘Bullsh*t’ is better

We’d actually all be better off if we stopped using the label entirely and just got back to using tried-and-tested language.

Talking Point White farmer writes plea to Ramaphosa to let him help black farmers

Nick Serfontein’s letter has already been widely shared in Afrikaans, and asks the president to do away with well-connected individuals walking through farmlands in Gucci shoes.

Talking Point Limpopo sex workshop aims to change views on prostitutes and legislation

Countries around the world are trying to remove the stigma, violence and fear associated with prostitution by legalising it.

Talking Point Mandela is the one who has been sold out

All those calling the icon a sellout today should look at the true source of betrayal of his legacy.

Talking Point This is the only way the ANC will be able to fix itself before elections

Despite Jacob Zuma being dethroned, the party remains at war with itself. That doesn’t seem about to change soon.

Talking Point Why Obama views Joburg speech as most important since leaving White House

Drawing on Mandela’s legacy, Obama can help the world better understand the nature of threats to democracy.

Talking Point Why SA’s new political party funding bill is good news for democracy

The ANC and DA now support disclosure. Only the EFF remains firmly opposed to the new bill.

Talking Point Ramaphosa is wasting his time if he doesn’t prosecute the corrupt

SA’s corrupt officials came to believe under Zuma they were immune to prosecution. That has been devastating and will be costly to fix.

Talking Point To fix South Africa’s dysfunctional state, ditch its colonial heritage

South Africa’s governance challenge can’t simply be fixed by reorganising the structure of government.




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