Recently, the Indian state attempted to use smart technologies to deliver safe cities for women. The strategies used to address both online and offline violence.
Adding the relative ignorance among users and healthcare professionals about how to take these new drugs safely and how to treat overdoses, it’s clear that “legal highs” are anything but a safe substitute for traditional drugs of abuse.
Recent survey data suggest that voters are beginning to care more about service delivery than about which party is doing it.
Amid the stench of corruption, the ruling party’s new leader is its one hope of retaining power, and he’s likely to use it.
South Africa has a history of burning books, and there is every reason to believe it can happen again.
E-cigarettes contain hazardous substances which, if not disposed of properly, can lead to serious damage to environmental and human health.

Talking Point Why Mnangagwa needs to get the money back from the Mugabes

This would be just the start of numerous reforms needed to reverse the country’s inevitable slide into economic hell.

Talking Point South African policies need to recognise the diversity of informal economies

Informal employment makes up roughly a third or 5 million of total non-agricultural employment in South Africa’s workforce.

Talking Point Why Mnangagwa has wooed Zimbabwe’s white sports heroes

Zimbabwe’s president may have pulled of a masterstroke by roping in Kirsty Coventry and Bruce Grobbelaar.

Talking Point Ramaphosa has the edge over Zuma faction when it comes to economic policy

However, it’s clear that power in the ANC remains finely balanced.

Talking Point Will Kgalema Motlanthe’s Zimbabwe killings inquiry be credible?

Critics fear Mnangagwa’s aim is to pin the blame for election-related violence on opposition leaders.

Talking Point Victim surveys show that crime in SA may be dropping, yet fear is rising

Data from victim and crime perception surveys help make sense of crime statistics.

Talking Point ‘Timetables have become decorations on the Metrorail boards’

An open letter to Prasa and the department of transport about the steady decline of urban train services.

Talking Point SA’s white right, the alt-right and the alternative

The pressure group AfriForum and its allies want to be the only voices speaking on behalf of Afrikaners.

Talking Point Cosatu is no longer the ANC’s elections trump card

The labour federation used to ensure millions of votes for the governing party – that is now far from guaranteed.

Talking Point Dagga ruling is a blow against decades of racism

The Constitutional Court has taken a big step towards freeing cannabis from its colonial and apartheid past.

Talking Point If Twitter decided elections, the EFF would be the ruling party

Ironically, this is probably the precise reason why it isn’t a good idea to take everything that happens on Twitter all that seriously.

Talking Point Is it time for Africa to teach Europe what democracy and passive racism are?

Long read: The ‘White Man’s Burden’ racist attitude that drives this passively racist approach couldn’t be provided.

Talking Point The dagga ruling, while a step forward, isn’t very practical

The Concourt has left questions about legal interpretations unanswered, meaning the line between ‘public criminals’ and ‘private users’ is blurred.

World The British Council’s Mandela exhibition: history or corporate whitewash?

Anglo American continues to shamelessly sanitise its image in relation to apartheid, with the British government playing along.




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