BLF leader Andile Mngxitama has written a column about why he believes he’s been banned on social media.
The reality is that South Africa has a systemic ANC problem, not a Zuma problem.
The new government hasn’t yet formulated a clear plan for fixing the economy.
Honey bees are essential pollinators in the agricultural environments in which the herbicide glyphosate is so heavily used.
Based on the progressive trend of larger tropical storms over the past three decades, their frequency is likely to keep increasing, and Southern African governments must respond proactively.
Disinformation in Africa often takes the form of extreme speech inciting violence and spreading racist, misogynous, xenophobic messages.

Why EFF leaders have become the nastiest versions of themselves again

The fight against corruption has shades of Brazil, where the people ostensibly opposed to corruption are far more corrupt themselves.

After Herzlia, SA Jewish community must look inward on Israel

A former Herzlia student feels the school should be a reflection of the diversity of South African Jews.

The Concourt has reset the power balance between villagers, mines and chiefs

South Africa has made progress towards interrupting the looting of land by chiefs, state officials and mining capital.

Pets and writing – two smart ways to stop SA prisoners from reoffending

We have a very high recidivism rate, primarily because of old-fashioned ideas about punishment.

Why the ANC will probably squeak through with more than 50%

Despite years of misrule, neither the DA nor populists like Malema have been able create the impression that they’re ready to govern.

How the colonial past of botanical gardens can be put to good use

By learning about successful gardening initiatives, these insights can be applied to regions lagging behind in terms of developing and using botanic gardens.

#MeToo arrival in India marks change in how tech is used to fight injustice

Recently, the Indian state attempted to use smart technologies to deliver safe cities for women. The strategies used to address both online and offline violence.

Why ‘legal highs’ may be more dangerous than traditional drugs of abuse

Adding the relative ignorance among users and healthcare professionals about how to take these new drugs safely and how to treat overdoses, it’s clear that “legal highs” are anything but a safe substitute for traditional drugs of abuse.

Why blind loyalty to the ANC among voters is on its way out

Recent survey data suggest that voters are beginning to care more about service delivery than about which party is doing it.

In the next election, Ramaphosa will have to be bigger than the ANC

Amid the stench of corruption, the ruling party’s new leader is its one hope of retaining power, and he’s likely to use it.

How the apartheid regime burnt books – in their tens of thousands

South Africa has a history of burning books, and there is every reason to believe it can happen again.

E-cigarettes and the new threat of how to dispose of them

E-cigarettes contain hazardous substances which, if not disposed of properly, can lead to serious damage to environmental and human health.

Why Mnangagwa needs to get the money back from the Mugabes

This would be just the start of numerous reforms needed to reverse the country’s inevitable slide into economic hell.

South African policies need to recognise the diversity of informal economies

Informal employment makes up roughly a third or 5 million of total non-agricultural employment in South Africa’s workforce.




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