Any attempt to force these issues back into dark corners should be resisted. The way in which some try to use the coronavirus pandemic to cover them up is disingenuous and devoid of respect for all of us.
It’s technically quite difficult to catch HIV, and awareness messages have been around for decades. So what chance will we have against a virus that’s exceedingly easy to catch?
Any resources that are spent fuelling the cost of a feud could be better spent in Africa.
Did the last leader of the apartheid-era defence force really contribute to a peaceful transition to democracy, or did he extort damaging concessions from black people from the then future president, Nelson Mandela?
The continuing fallout from its already shattered neighbour will prove to be another big problem for South Africa too.
Lockdown was never going to be easy and the two-week extension has just made it harder. For it to work, it has to make sense to ordinary South Africans.

Covid-19 How Covid-19 panic buying reveals SA’s inequalities

The majority of consumers in SA are unable to fill up a trolley in the best of times, let alone to finance a serious stockpile.

Talking Point Public approval is Ramaphosa’s only defence against his enemies in the ANC

Ultimately, it is critical that Ramaphosa appreciates that salvation lies outside the ANC rather inside.

Talking Point South Africa has huge ‘green fuels’ potential. But it needs to act now

There is a golden opportunity for SA to transition from being a key contributor to global warming to becoming a key contributor to global emissions reductions.

Talking Point Inflexible unionists beware: It’s SAA today, Eskom tomorrow

If we needed a clearer message from the state that it is no longer business as usual, it is SAA’s move into business rescue.

Talking Point Indigenous peoples are actually in favour of River Club development

This will be the realisation of a dream we have fought for throughout the resurgence of the our people.

Talking Point Is South Africa on the brink of a tax revolt?

People have become more restive about paying taxes to a government mired in allegations of corruption.

Talking Point Every day now a battle against extinction for humanity

The time to think anew about climate change and act is now, as time is of the essence.

Politics SA’s white liberals chose white politics in 1968. And chose it again in 2019

The white liberal establishment, both inside and outside the DA, holds on to its race-blindness by distorting the idea of non-racialism.

Business News Amid the hundreds of billions in pledges, Ramaphosa still has his work cut out

Unless the big issues are addressed, many may continue viewing events like the investment conference simply as mere talk shops.

Talking Point We need to talk about Mmusi – IRR

The institute’s head of media responds to the former DA leader saying some of its members don’t want ‘a reconciled South Africa that redresses historical injustices’.

Talking Point Freedom of thought is under attack – here’s how to save your mind

To lose freedom of thought would be to lose something uniquely human.

Crime Robert McBride hits back at investigative ‘hatchet job’ against him and IPID

RIGHT OF REPLY: The former IPID boss claims that recent exposés about the police watchdog don’t grasp the full picture.

Talking Point Xenophobia puts South Africa’s moral authority in Africa at risk

Xenophobia negates the spirit of pan-Africanism, especially its ideal that Africans share a mutual bond, regardless of their geographical location.

Africa Zimbabwe’s deepening crisis: time for second government of national unity?

Robert Mugabe may be dead, but the ghost of decades of ruin remain.

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