This will be the realisation of a dream we have fought for throughout the resurgence of the our people.
People have become more restive about paying taxes to a government mired in allegations of corruption.
The time to think anew about climate change and act is now, as time is of the essence.
The white liberal establishment, both inside and outside the DA, holds on to its race-blindness by distorting the idea of non-racialism.
Unless the big issues are addressed, many may continue viewing events like the investment conference simply as mere talk shops.
The institute’s head of media responds to the former DA leader saying some of its members don’t want ‘a reconciled South Africa that redresses historical injustices’.

Freedom of thought is under attack – here’s how to save your mind

To lose freedom of thought would be to lose something uniquely human.

Robert McBride hits back at investigative ‘hatchet job’ against him and IPID

RIGHT OF REPLY: The former IPID boss claims that recent exposés about the police watchdog don’t grasp the full picture.

Xenophobia puts South Africa’s moral authority in Africa at risk

Xenophobia negates the spirit of pan-Africanism, especially its ideal that Africans share a mutual bond, regardless of their geographical location.

Zimbabwe’s deepening crisis: time for second government of national unity?

Robert Mugabe may be dead, but the ghost of decades of ruin remain.

There are more ways to live a decent life than just through money

Government has struggled for many years to develop the right policies to beat poverty.

Treating drug users as criminals is the last thing Cape Town needs

A new approach to criminalisation could end the drug wars on the Cape Flats.

For Malema and others attacking the courts, it could come back to bite them

Those viciously criticising the rule of law today are likely to need the same courts to protect them in future.

South Africa is caught in the global hype of the fourth industrial revolution

Even a cursory glance at earlier industrial revolutions will show that they have not been associated with the interests of the working or underclasses.

Mkhwebane appears to be fighting against the law itself

The irony of the current public protector is that her office only exists because of the Constitution, the supreme law. But that does not seem to be what she is being loyal to.

We now know the rich bought themselves a state president

Right now, the president looks increasingly like a mercenary whose legitimacy is guaranteed by money.

The long road to legal sex work in SA winds on

The issue of decriminalisation remains hotly contested, with the president often throwing his weight behind the move.

Why, for Zuma the entertainer, the show must always go on

Deft skill at playing to the gallery is an essential part of what makes the ‘joking’ former president such a survivor.

Being employed in SA does not guarantee eradicating poverty

For some workers, employment no longer guarantees significant poverty reduction, and remain poor because wages are too low to lift them and their families out of poverty.

Is SA academia still racist?

The major issue is why this kind of research was being produced 25 years after the end of apartheid.




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