The media, NGOs and academic circles have wrongly classified our recent past as a battle between the good guys and the bad guys.
Evidence from countries such as Argentina and India suggest that guaranteed employment policies have immediate, positive benefits.
Indications are that even an ANC victory at the polls is unlikely to reverse the party’s decline in popular support.
The latest events are happening in the context of years of economic crisis, and the government’s months-long legitimacy crisis.
His return could make him a larger than life figure ahead of elections.
We would do well to learn from the lessons of Brexit.

Talking Point What’s gone wrong with the ANC 107 years later

A divided economy, a middle class that wants no part of it and decimated youth leadership. It’s a lot to try to turn around.

Talking Point How African governments should negotiate infrastructure deals with China

African governments are still relatively new to dealing with China; they should take every opportunity to share lessons with one another.

Talking Point Land reform to take centre stage in 2019 elections 

Government needs to clearly articulate the process of land reform to ensure its successful implementation in the coming year.

Talking Point ‘Black speech is always censored’

BLF leader Andile Mngxitama has written a column about why he believes he’s been banned on social media.

Talking Point Why the ANC itself is Ramaphosa’s biggest problem

The reality is that South Africa has a systemic ANC problem, not a Zuma problem.

Talking Point What the Ramaphosa economy needs to do after cleaning up the Zuma stench

The new government hasn’t yet formulated a clear plan for fixing the economy.

Talking Point Honey bees face a new threat from the world’s most common herbicide

Honey bees are essential pollinators in the agricultural environments in which the herbicide glyphosate is so heavily used.

Talking Point Southern Africa must brace itself for more tropical cyclones in future

Based on the progressive trend of larger tropical storms over the past three decades, their frequency is likely to keep increasing, and Southern African governments must respond proactively.

Talking Point Study sheds light on scourge of ‘fake’ news in Africa

Disinformation in Africa often takes the form of extreme speech inciting violence and spreading racist, misogynous, xenophobic messages.

Talking Point Why EFF leaders have become the nastiest versions of themselves again

The fight against corruption has shades of Brazil, where the people ostensibly opposed to corruption are far more corrupt themselves.

Talking Point After Herzlia, SA Jewish community must look inward on Israel

A former Herzlia student feels the school should be a reflection of the diversity of South African Jews.

Talking Point The Concourt has reset the power balance between villagers, mines and chiefs

South Africa has made progress towards interrupting the looting of land by chiefs, state officials and mining capital.

Talking Point Pets and writing – two smart ways to stop SA prisoners from reoffending

We have a very high recidivism rate, primarily because of old-fashioned ideas about punishment.

Talking Point Why the ANC will probably squeak through with more than 50%

Despite years of misrule, neither the DA nor populists like Malema have been able create the impression that they’re ready to govern.




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