Even a cursory glance at earlier industrial revolutions will show that they have not been associated with the interests of the working or underclasses.
The irony of the current public protector is that her office only exists because of the Constitution, the supreme law. But that does not seem to be what she is being loyal to.
Right now, the president looks increasingly like a mercenary whose legitimacy is guaranteed by money.
The issue of decriminalisation remains hotly contested, with the president often throwing his weight behind the move.
Deft skill at playing to the gallery is an essential part of what makes the ‘joking’ former president such a survivor.
For some workers, employment no longer guarantees significant poverty reduction, and remain poor because wages are too low to lift them and their families out of poverty.

Is SA academia still racist?

The major issue is why this kind of research was being produced 25 years after the end of apartheid.

Factionalism and corruption remain the biggest threats to the ANC’s future

In the face of its smallest victory to date, Ramaphosa must make changes or they will go the way of other liberation movements.

How EFF has merged militarism and luxury styling to brand its socialism

The EFF’s militarised aesthetic is more than a sideshow. It forms a key part of its spectacle-oriented brand of politics.

The smaller parties are looking ever more irrelevant

Many people believe President Cyril Ramaphosa’s New Dawn will be given a boost by a dominant electoral victory.

Freedom Day in SA – a reminder of unfinished business

As South Africa marks 25 years of freedom, many citizens have to contend with the harsh reality that they can’t eat democracy.

Why I will shut down illegal foreign-owned shops if I become premier

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie says government should be given the bulk of the blame for not properly regulating the movement and activities of foreign nationals.

How SA corruption goes far beyond just Zuma and the Guptas

The media, NGOs and academic circles have wrongly classified our recent past as a battle between the good guys and the bad guys.

Why a guaranteed jobs scheme in South Africa would pay for itself

Evidence from countries such as Argentina and India suggest that guaranteed employment policies have immediate, positive benefits.

Ramaphosa is running the country, yes. But he’s not running the ANC

Indications are that even an ANC victory at the polls is unlikely to reverse the party’s decline in popular support.

Fantasy that Mnangagwa would fix Zimbabwe now fully exposed

The latest events are happening in the context of years of economic crisis, and the government’s months-long legitimacy crisis.

What the return of Gbagbo could mean for Ivory Coast’s 2020 election

His return could make him a larger than life figure ahead of elections.

An SA referendum on land reform would be a dangerous proposal

We would do well to learn from the lessons of Brexit.

What’s gone wrong with the ANC 107 years later

A divided economy, a middle class that wants no part of it and decimated youth leadership. It’s a lot to try to turn around.

How African governments should negotiate infrastructure deals with China

African governments are still relatively new to dealing with China; they should take every opportunity to share lessons with one another.




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