She has proposed an intensive discussion with the EFF leader on the topic of South Africa’s future.
‘It bore NO relationship to what I said on the call,’ the president tweeted.
Khwezi and Redi have been trending since, with some defending her statement.
An apology letter from Sole’s supposed accuser paints a picture of supposed fabrication and regret.
The EFF leader also had lunch with the family.
Both the EFF leader and former president have showered founding Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe with praise following his passing.

Why you should not share your success on social media, according to Sam ‘Mshengu’ Chabalala

The businessman has alleged that ‘they’ killed his friends after failing to poison him in prison.

‘Direspectful’ bokke fans slated for chanting over the All Blacks’ haka

The Sunday Times described the behaviour of SA fans who sang ‘Olé, olé’ during the traditional dance as ‘vile, uncouth and uncultured’.

Mashaba ‘welcomes’ upcoming amaBhungane report implicating Malema in CoJ tender corruption

The new report picks up where one from last year, which offers evidence that the Joburg mayor bought the EFF’s loyalty in Johannesburg, left off.

WATCH: Mbeki’s ‘bodyguard’ swaps water bottles before his KZN speech

The former president seems to prefer drinking his own water, as this wasn’t his first time.

Our ‘clash with liberals is permanent’, says Ndlozi after EFF battles DA in parliament

The spokesperson justified an incident in parliament which saw EFF members having to be physically restrained.

Ndlozi lashes out at ‘irresponsible, pathetic, pseudo-communist’ Nzimande

The EFF spokesperson was responding to the SACP secretary saying African leaders must take responsibility for the influx of foreign nationals in SA.

Malema causes outrage with Mugabe’s advice to ‘only trust a dead white man’

Former DA leader Tony Leon is among those calling for the SA Human Rights Commission to act against the EFF leader.

Social media weighs in on failed #ShareTheBay campaign

Sponsors reportedly feel shafted after putting up tens of thousands of rands to ensure the trip went smoothly.

Police probe social media posts accusing men of rape after threats made

A police spokesperson says the allegation of rape is unquestionably defamatory in law and that these posts can have serious and lasting consequences.

Barry Bateman p-bomb no excuse for attack on journalists, says Sanef

Although Sanef did not condone Bateman’s comment, they have called for the matter to be dealt with via the media house concerned, and not on social media.

Fake news – Experts warn of dangers of spreading rumours online

Media Monitoring Africa director William Bird advises social media users to be wary of posts that immediately bring out an emotional response.

Brands drop influencer amid domestic violence allegations

He has also since lost thousands of followers who have taken a stand by choosing not to support his exploits as an influencer and content creator.

Shivambu and Mboweni in twar over Marxist dialectical materialism

The minister has denied doing an about-turn regarding earlier calls for greater socialisation of capital.

Facebook faces US lawsuit after judge calls its argument ‘wrong’

Several US state attorneys general have decided to investigate the social media company under an antitrust inquiry.

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