Sponsors reportedly feel shafted after putting up tens of thousands of rands to ensure the trip went smoothly.
A police spokesperson says the allegation of rape is unquestionably defamatory in law and that these posts can have serious and lasting consequences.
Although Sanef did not condone Bateman’s comment, they have called for the matter to be dealt with via the media house concerned, and not on social media.
Media Monitoring Africa director William Bird advises social media users to be wary of posts that immediately bring out an emotional response.
He has also since lost thousands of followers who have taken a stand by choosing not to support his exploits as an influencer and content creator.
The minister has denied doing an about-turn regarding earlier calls for greater socialisation of capital.

Facebook faces US lawsuit after judge calls its argument ‘wrong’

Several US state attorneys general have decided to investigate the social media company under an antitrust inquiry.

Zille: Mugabe dying in Singapore after destroying the Zim health system is ironic

During his time in power, the liberator-turned-dictator sought almost all his medical care in the Asian country rather than his own.

Twitter account retracts rape allegations after ‘thorough investigation’

The account, and accounts similar to it, was established as part of the #AmINext? movement in reaction to the high rates of femicide in South Africa.

Sarah Langa causes a stir with distasteful post amid femicide, xenophobia

The influencer said that if SA was a person, they would be wearing Rich Mnisi and Thebe’s LVMH victory while drenched in tears for all the pain that women have suffered at the hands of men.

ANC, EFF members named on anti-abuse Twitter accounts deny claims of wrongdoing

The Twitter accounts were created as part of the #AmINext movement, established in reaction to several incidents of gender-based violence.

Trump continues to defend incorrect map of hurricane Dorian path

The US president had incorrectly tweeted Sunday that Alabama was among the states that could be affected by the hurricane.

Robert Marawa and Babalwa Mneno get into twar over Archbishop Tutu

While Marawa deems Tutu to be the pinaccle of leadership, Mneno can’t seem to forgive him for how he treated the late Winnie Mandela.

Sipho Ngwenya opens case after being accused of rape online

An anonymous list is circulating that accuses various men of rape, and rapper Da L.E.S has also objected to being so named.

EMPD officer in ‘Katlehong panic video’ being investigated for misconduct

The officer is reportedly being investigated for a video where she was urging parents to fetch their children from school.

WATCH: Artist revives Charlize Theron’s 1999 anti-rape ad that was banned for offending men

The actress spoke about the country’s shocking rape statistics and commented on how this reflected on the men of the country.

Mbalula accused of gaslighting South African women after twar with Babes and Boity

In a since-deleted tweet, the minister stated that ‘women must not succumb [to]/tolerate abuse’.

Ramaphosa finally responds to #DearMrPresident hashtag

The hashtag seems to have gotten his attention as the presidency released a statement welcoming arrests.

Pearl Thusi gets dragged for tone-deaf tweet

If you found yourself asking why the actress and model is trending on Tuesday morning, here is a brief explanation.

Government’s condolences to Uyinene Mrwetyana’s family not well received

Citizens want the government to do more than just send condolences.

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