The declaration of the coronavirus being a global pandemic made me shake in my boots, mostly for my daughter.
As a native South African living in Italy, I have watched in horror as this pandemic has unfolded.
Mother Nature had her own plans and they did not coincide with mine.
As a final straw, mom turns to a government hospital to help her son deal with his ADHD
No-one and nothing prepares you for motherhood.
I find it strange that I am the only person I know in my circle that has spoken about prenatal depression.

Being a parent You’re supposed to take care of your kids…

Why is it that fathers are lauded like they found the cure for the coronavirus for doing exactly what moms are doing for their kids?

Being a parent How to cope when maternity leave ends

This mom has some tips for dealing with going back to work after maternity leave.

Health Suspended from school, at age 2

There are too few autism schools in South Africa

Baby Women get real about pregnancy, birth and postpartum – Part 2

From people being judgy to the baby blues and the “ring of fire”, women get real about what happens when they delivered.

Baby Breastfeeding is not easy!

From bleeding to inverted nipples, this mom is not giving up on her breastfeeding journey.

Being a parent The ‘Good Kids’

I’ve sat down and examined a few of the things we might be getting right.

Becoming a Parent When is the right time to have children?

There’s a 15-year age gap between my oldest and my youngest.

Being a parent READ: Heart-wrenching letter from a father to Parktown Boys’ headmaster

‘Whoever you are protecting sir, whatever you are not telling us, please know that in his death, Enock deserved more, he deserved the truth, even if it is too late.’

Being a parent Caught between my mother and the motherboard

Parenting in this age of the abundance of information has hit the grandparents hardest.

Being a parent Play therapy really works

One mom shares her story about using play therapy to deal with the death of a loved one.

Being a parent What are your options for educating your child?

What should parents budget for and what factors should they consider?

Co Parenting Raising two boys as a single mom

Being a single mother is never easy and this mom talks about raising her boys on her own for eight tough years.

Health Our autism journey

The confirmation that my son has autism and ADHD was worse than the speculation.




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