How can parents help their children navigate their way out of the anxiety of failing matric or performing poorly?
These kids are not in school because their future is not a concern for them. Survival is.
Remembering why you want to eat better and take better care of yourself can help you stick to your resolutions.
Fathers will always remain their daughter’s first love and dads should always do their best to have a healthy relationship with them.
Goal-setting is one such concept that assists children in achieving their little and big goals.
When life gets too busy and travelling just seems like way too much effort! Why not create a ‘staycation’ for the family?

Playtime 7 tech free road trip hacks for children

A little ‘old fashioned’ play will do wonders for those hours spent in the car

Adulting Setting goals with a child who has special needs

Parenting a child with special needs? This is for you as a new year and a new decade beckons.

Momming Lootlove honestly shares about her fourth-trimester journey

The first three months of a child’s life are extremely challenging for the parents.

Living How quickly should we lose the post-baby weight?

We all have, what I like to call ‘vulnerability zones’ and this post walks straight into the middle of one such ‘vulnerability zone’ for me!

Playtime At 50, Sesame Street still going strong — and big honor awaits

It is estimated that 86 million American children alone have watched and absorbed Sesame Street.

Playtime Fun things to do with your children during load shedding

With Eskom’s load shedding now’s the time for some serious family bonding.

Momming Raising boys in South Africa

Raising boys, in general, is a real tough job no matter where you are in the world, but more than that – it is a privilege.

Adulting Olwethu Leshabane’s 5 tips on surviving the holidays as a parent

From signing up to reading clubs to letting them draw on the walls, check out the television host’s unique suggestions.

Anti-vaxxer arrested as Samoa battles measles epidemic

Samoan authorities warned Friday that anti-vaccine propaganda would not be tolerated, after a social media campaigner was arrested for opposing a mass immunisation drive aimed at containing the Pacific nation’s deadly measles epidemic.

Your family-friendly weekend gig guide

Four must-see things to do your with family this weekend

Urgent call for breast milk donations as reserves run critically low

Breast milk has been called the best nourishment for premature babies, providing nutrients that weren’t transferred during the shortened gestation period.

Tips to co-parenting successfully and realistically

Rule number one for successful co-parenting: ‘Don’t be an asshole’. Our Parenty guest writer gets real about how to work with your ex.

Momming How to deal with your child saying they are the opposite sex?

For the parents of gender-nonconforming kids, a new approach to care.

The case of the ‘missing things’

As schools draw to a close, you must be wondering where all your kids’ missing things have gone to. Our Parenty guest writer thinks she may have the answer.




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