Equipped with the right advice and encouragement, dating in your 30s can be like having your cake and eating it too.
As one pupil tests positive for the virus, contingency plans are made for schools in affected areas.
She was reportedly moved to an isolation ward after displaying some symptoms similar to those for Covid-19, but did not get food for three days as staff refused to have contact with her.
They summed it up as a ‘state-engineered massacre’ that is not based on decisions informed by science and the appreciation for human life.
The deputy minister stressed that lives can’t be put at risk all for the sake of successfully completing an academic year.

Being a parent Learners with pre-existing conditions and teachers over 60 to stay home under level 4

The department has plans to liaise with the Association for Home Education to ensure that these learners do not ‘fall out of the system’.

Momming LOCKDOWN: How to co-parent during a pandemic?

Find a solution that works for parents and children.

Momming Why self-care as a parent is so important for your kids right now

These stressful times can cause us to change and have a great impact on our sleep!

Momming LISTEN: Free range parenting versus structure and routine in a time of #salockdown

In this special lockdown chat, The Great Equalizer, parenting podcast, talks how to stay sane in this time of adjustment.

Adulting Parents, cut yourself some slack on screen time limits while you’re stuck at home

As families hunker down during the coronavirus pandemic, many parents may wonder how much screen time they should let their kids have. Brenna Hassinger-Das, a scholar of children and technology, shares one rule it’s OK to break, one rule parents can bend and a best practice worth upholding.

Adulting 5 expert tips for working from home in a crowded house during the coronavirus pandemic

Kitchens, dining rooms and other spaces have become offices for remote work with computers, cords and paperwork spilling into what was, until very recently, private space.

Momming 6 Ways for busy moms to decompress during the lockdown (& grab some precious me-time too)

So, what do you do when you find yourself stuck indoors with nowhere to go? No need to panic.

Adulting Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? Here’s the medical answer

During intercourse the penis does not hurt the baby.

Momming Gabisile Tshabalala fights maternity discrimination with #SoWhatImPregnant

‘We need employers to understand that motherhood doesn’t stop us from performing and that it is unlawful to fire us because we are pregnant,’ she says.

Being a parent A guide on what to do when your child comes out to you

In a recent interview with Ellen on the Ellen Degeneres show NBA All-Star Dwayne Wayde and husband to Gabriel Union shared how he and his wife are proud parents to a child who is part of the LGBTQI community.

Momming 6 signs of labour

All the aches and pains women feel when they are almost due means they might be close to meeting their little one.

Adulting Answering your child’s tough questions about death and grief

Death is an inevitable reality that we need to help our children navigate by answering their difficult questions.

Momming A co-sleeping bed in the maternity ward

This bed allows mothers to co-sleep with their newborn children right after childbirth.

Momming A breastfeeding-friendly restaurant in Australia is going viral

Breastfeeding in public is a human right, but still perceived as taboo by many.




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