Dj Zinhle and AKA’s little angel turned 5 yesterday and she already has superstar status.
To place the kids on an indefinite holiday for 2020 or not?
The learner was seen applying hand sanitiser supplied to her school on her whole body.
Those that are still working from home are still confronted with some challenges.

Being a parent Your mental health matters as a parent dealing with childhood cancer

CHOC advises that these parents need to have people they can talk to.

Our Kids This is how tissue salt can help with your child’s cough and other illnesses

From sleep restlessness to colic, tissue salts can help alleviate a lot of baby illnesses.

Becoming a Parent WATCH: Baby rolls over in mom’s tummy

A baby that has been in utero for 39 weeks finally turns, and it is caught on camera.

Our Kids Finally, a toddler that does not need to be begged to eat bread

He is refusing to share his loaf of bread, and mom does not even mind.

Becoming a Parent I don’t want to be pregnant in a pandemic

Truth is, the world will never be the same again.

Becoming a Parent Usain Bolt posts pictures of baby girl and reveals her name: Olympia Lightning Bolt

Usain Bolt’s daughter’s name is a name you will not be forgetting anytime soon.

Our Kids WATCH: Young boy captures and throws pigeons at by-passers

The pigeon thrower will have you in stitches.

Being a parent ‘I cannot afford to homeschool’: Parents react to Grades R, 6 and 11 going back to school

For a lot of parents, it’s safety versus academic progress, but for others, these two are intertwined.

Our Kids Don’t know what to do with excess breastmilk? Bath your baby

Some moms are blessed with an oversupply of breastmilk, and rather than filling the freezer with it, you can put it to good use and bath your little one.

Being a parent WATCH: Best friends who got married explain how they fell pregnant at the same time

The two childhood best-friends who got married are also expecting children at the same time.

Our Kids Your toddler does not want to wear a mask? Here are ways to encourage them

For little humans that don’t understand why they have to wear a mask, it’s gonna take some convincing.

Our Kids WATCH: Triplets drive dad crazy as they try and go through the fridge

Just another day in a home with three children who are the same age.




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