Finger counting and struggling to tell the time or use a calendar are all typical signs of dyscalculia – sometimes called ‘maths dyslexia’.
A new study in JAMA Pediatrics suggests higher levels of screen time at two and three years of age predict poorer child outcomes at three and five years, respectively.
Sharing a book together doesn’t stop being important once a child learns to read.
School is a nightmare for a busy mom, Claudi Potter, tells us her top 10 tips for surviving the admin and bustle of school.
Curious Kids is a series for children in which we ask experts to answer questions from kids.
Encourage your child’s creative juices to flow when they become bored. Kids today hardly ever have the opportunity to get bored, they are always surrounded by a buffet of entertainment, but creativity comes from learning how to create your own entertainment.

Toddler Why I love these 5 kids TV shows in 2019

Where is the goofiness, the fantasy of the kid’s TV shows of old? Where is the type of crazy that we grew up with in the 80s and 90s?

Toddler 5 reasons why I don’t agree with the anti-vax movement

As one mom on Facebook, so eloquently put it: “People say ‘well what did people do before vaccines/antibiotics/pasteurisation?’ as if that’s an argument for going natural. They died, Carol. A lot of people died.”

Primary Schooler Geocaching – an outdoor family activity

In this day and age, while technology rules the roost, getting our kids outdoors can be difficult. Surfing the Web on Ipads, “connecting” with friends through social media apps on smartphones, or (if you’re old-school) playing games on Xbox or PlayStation, often takes preference over getting out, running around, rolling on the grass and jumping in the pool.

Toddler When our kids are not safe with their carers

How can a parent KNOW their child is safe with the people we employ to care for them when we are not there to do it ourselves?

Primary Schooler Do moms get the back to school blues?

Looking at the face of this nervous, anxious child doing their best to be brave. There might even be a tear shed, from all parties involved. You force yourself to ignore that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach, to go give one more hug, and you turn around and leave them at school.

Toddler 6 ways to host a stress free party

Wow, what a busy couple of months we have had. As nature would have it our kids are born in November, January, 2 in March and one in May. Sometimes it feels like I’m planning parties non-stop for 6 months of the year!

Toddler My mothering style is lazy AF

I will always be is lazy – I will always lean back and let my child explore, experiment, fail, succeed, grow her imagination and discover her own boundaries.

Toddler Were the good old days really that good?

There were many aspects of ‘the good old days’ that to label not great, is being quite kind. So, what can we learn from the past?

Primary Schooler Back to school sucks, or does it?

(READ TIME: 7 MINS) Back to school can be a traumatic time for both parents and kids. But some moms are harbouring a shameful secret, the truth of how they really feel about their children starting school or going back to school…

Toddler When motherhood becomes too much

You finally get a moment to look down and see this beautiful little face in front of you. Two closed eyes, a cute little nose and full pink lips. Wow, it takes your breath away. Absolute perfection.

Toddler OK, I will admit it, I lie to my children

Now, let me be clear, I am not advocating lying. Obviously lying is wrong! We were taught that as kids, and now we pass that lesson on to our children… But…

Toddler 20 positive phrases our children need to hear

How we speak to our children, becomes their inner voice… Our fears, anger and disappointments become theirs.

Toddler Being a parent is hard work

Parenting can prove to be a bit more strenuous than a nine-to-five job, but being a parent is a labour of love.

Primary Schooler Intelligent children more likely to be bullied

Others at greater risk to be targeted included those with depression or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.




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