Here is a good laugh for a Monday, courtesy of the kids.
Children in need of comfort in a coronavirus world can get it from their teddy bears since they cant get it from their teachers.
The pigeon thrower will have you in stitches.
The kids came together to sing a song of hope for children of the world.

Being a parent Parents react to the first day of GDE applications for 2021

There were mixed reactions to this year’s 2021 school online application process.

Our Kids Covid-19-positive teacher sets herself on fire

This is after gossip about her positive status made the rounds in the community.

Our Kids ECD centres and creche reopening: This is what we know so far

With the opening date still in limbo, this is what we know about what the new normal will be like when they do eventually open.

Our Kids NSC 2020 exams to go ahead as planned – This is what we know so far

South Africa is yet to reach the peak of its coronavirus infections.

Our Kids Parents speak out on taking their grade 1s back to school on 6 July

This is in the face of an ever-rising number of Covid-19 infections.

Our Kids Someone at my child’s school has tested positive for Covid-19: What should I do next?

Gauteng has closed more than 50 schools since reopening on 1 and 8 June.

Being a parent How to ensure that your child gets their hair done and stays Covid-19 free

Now that hairdressers and barbers are opening on advanced Level 3, here’s how you make the visit safer.

Being a parent Mom of three writes open letter about homeschooling to her children’s teachers

I take my hat off to you as we wait for terms results. I hope we did well (the horror if the results are not impressive and mommy was the teacher).

Our Kids Are ECDs and creches really opening on 6 July?

Things change quickly when it comes to the department of basic education and school openings.

Being a parent The guidelines for children wearing masks

What exactly is best practice when it comes to the wearing of facemasks for children?

Our Kids Should schools offering less contact time give fee discounts?

This in the face of a reduction in the number of enrollments at independent schools.




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