A study found that asking young children aged three to four years to look at themselves in a mirror while asking them about a potential misdeed significantly increased their truth-telling.
Reading for pleasure helps kids in a number of ways.
Kids should be eating fruits and vegetables from all colours of the rainbow.
Isn’t it weird that some words don’t rhyme that look like they should, like wood and food?
‘PAW Patrol’ will make its South African debut in April 2020.
The Parenty team picks the must-watch kid- (and adult) friendly movies for the festive season.

5 reasons to watch Netflix’s ‘Klaus’ this holiday

‘A selfish postman and a reclusive toymaker form an unlikely friendship, delivering joy to a cold, dark town that desperately needs it.’

Christmas with honest toys’ Rosa Krauss

If (like us) you’re pulling a lastminute.com on Christmas 2019, you’re gonna wanna listen to this week’s episode. Stay chill, calm your farm and pour yourself a gluhwein, guys, because we are NOT losing sleep over gifts this year.

The holiday season is not full of cheer for all families

Parenting a child with special needs? Desirae Pillay gives some ideas on how to cope with the upcoming holiday season.

7 calming phrases to help your anxious child

When faced with your anxious child, you can use the following phrases to help them identify, acknowledge and work through these overwhelming emotions.

How to make the most of the upcoming holidays

Parenty’s resident OT, Anneke de Jager, gives us some ideas on what to do when school holidays roll around in a few weeks.

The gift of cooking: Five fun and healthy recipe books for kids

Reading recipes enhances vocabulary. Baking involves measurement, addition and subtraction. Slicing your personal pizza is a great way to explain fractions to your child.

Children and sleep: How much do they really need?

Research shows that night waking in infancy is associated with behavioural control challenges at three and four years of age.

10 reasons why playful parenting builds successful children

The way we raise our children matters. Not only does it play a role in creating the type of people they are right now, but it also determines the kind of people they will become.

Curious Kids: The Milky Way is huge. But just how huge?

How big is the Milky Way? (Storm, 6, Kenya)

The importance of training the way our children think

Parenty expert, Gail Friend, explains why teaching children to think for themselves is key to raising emotionally intelligent and resilient young people.

Tips on how to improve your child’s core strength

“Core strength” has been a buzz word in the health industry in the last few years, but its importance cannot be undermined especially in children.

‘Gentle parenting’ explainer: no rewards, no punishments, no misbehaving kids

Gentle parenting means no punishments and no rewards: just a partnership with your kids where they want to do the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing.

Autism: What is it, what are the signs and who can help?

“It is a lifelong condition that has a spectrum of difficulties,”

Curious Kids: does chewing gum stay inside you for years?

Swallowing a lot of gum can cause it to stick together or stick to food in your gut.




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