We asked for it, and it is finally here! Summer!
Having a baby is a huge financial and emotional commitment, and ensuring your finances and healthcare are in order before your bundle of joy arrives will give peace of mind.
The department of education has put together an extensive list of past papers to help matrics prepare for the 2019 NSC exams.
How to help your child find balance at school
Multi-tasking is a myth, especially for kids.
Want to create a few ‘spookalicious” decorations for your home this Halloween? We’ve put together a few of our favourites.
How to stop your child from whining

Pre-Schooler How to stop your child from whining

Another tactic is to try to observe your child’s particular behavioural signs that tend to lead up to a whine.

Halloween events for every family member

Halloween is just around the corner, are you ‘Trick or Treating’ this year?

Pre-Schooler 4 Tips to develop your child’s creativity

Resident OT, Anneke de Jager, shares why being creative is an important skill that enables us to become more flexible, come up with new ideas, adapt to change, and be better problem solvers.

3 ways to empower your kids to fight climate change

Pre-Schooler 3 ways to empower your kids to fight climate change

Inaction is the best friend of anxiety, how do we empower our children to take action and fight against climate change so they do not feel powerless in the face of this massive issue?

Teens Download Matric study guides here

Easily accessible study guides to help your child ace Matric.

Gen Z kids have opinions about being on their parent’s social media

Baby Gen Z kids have opinions about being on their parent’s social media

They want to be in control of their digital footprint.

Parents integral in supporting children’s mental health during exams

Parents also endure stress during this time, but still need to be mindful of providing psychological support for their children.

Teens You can help your child pass Matric by following these steps

Matric exams are around the corner, is your child ready?

Baby What should we be teaching our boys?

With the recent outcry for justice and the long-awaited change needed within our country, I was left feeling deeply distressed as a woman and a first-time single mama, raising my little boy in this big world.

Baby Are breast milk lollies really safe for our babies?

With summer around the corner, parents will be doing all they can to keep their babies cool.

Pre-Schooler Three things I learnt about childhood cancer and the early warning signs

In SA, only 50% of all children who die from cancer received a diagnosis and 50% of those who were diagnosed die because their diagnosis came too late. WHY? Because a major success factor for surviving childhood cancer is early diagnosis and many of our health practitioners are unaware of the signs.

Baby Raise a person, not a little man or woman: welcome to gender-neutral parenting

There are numerous benefits to consciously rejecting stereotypical concepts about boys and girls.

Pre-Schooler How to talk to your child about climate change (without freaking them out)

Global Warming, IPCC, Mass Extinction Events, Carbon Emissions, Water Safety, Greenhouse Gasses, Food Safety, Acid Oceans, Extreme Weather Events, these are all terrifying and complex things for most adults, how do we begin to explain them to our children?

The Great Equalizer Podcast – Happy Birthday

This week’s episode of The Great Equalizer marks the podcast’s first trip around the sun. Sam and Charlene take a trip down memory lane and hark back to episodes passed. Please tune in and join the nostalgia!




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