Do my kids make me angry or is it just me needing to express my emotions?
What does it mean to set achievable goals, and how can we as parents help our children
Let’s face it; many schools don’t offer physical training and if they do, more than likely the PT teacher sees the lesson as a chance to relax or for the kids to run aimlessly for an hour.
School is a nightmare for a busy mom, Claudi Potter, tells us her top 10 tips for surviving the admin and bustle of school.
A speaker at the UN has urged governments to treat the anti-vax movement like a dangerous threat.
Curious Kids is a series for children in which we ask experts to answer questions from kids.

Parenty Sometimes I think parents need to lean back, not in

Consciously parenting is knowing when to lean back and when to lean in. How can a parent know when to do what?

Parenty Building a better child

You as a parent want only the best for your child. And the best might not necessarily mean the most expensive, but rather that you will not tolerate a poor level of training, especially in your child’s developmental years

Toddler How children can express creativity when boredom strikes

Encourage your child’s creative juices to flow when they become bored. Kids today hardly ever have the opportunity to get bored, they are always surrounded by a buffet of entertainment, but creativity comes from learning how to create your own entertainment.

Parenty 5 things I wish I had believed before becoming a mom

Everything truly fell apart once we got home and the weight of responsibility for this barely 2kg wrinkly alien being, who relied on us, completely hit home. What I wish someone had told me about the reality of the first 16 weeks of motherhood.

Our Little Humans The schedule of a new mom

A lot of moms kept giving me advice about how being a mother does not come with a handbook.

Our Little Humans You’re about to have a stroke, they said

I wanted to write this post for last years mothers day, but as we all know, life just gets so busy and I put it aside. Now, that I get to experience yet another Mothers Day, I thought it high time I put pen to paper.

Toddler Why I love these 5 kids TV shows in 2019

Where is the goofiness, the fantasy of the kid’s TV shows of old? Where is the type of crazy that we grew up with in the 80s and 90s?

Pregnancy Tips Meghan Markle & Prince Harry won’t need as new parents

With the world’s focus on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s first child, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor it can seem like it is the only baby which was born this week. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

Pregnancy Maternal separation anxiety

Parenthood presents us with a new reality that we have never been confronted with.We walk into a hospital as single individuals and we walk out with a plus one. We stay with the little ones for four to five months and one day we have to go back to work and this gives any parent some form of anxiety.

Toddler 5 reasons why I don’t agree with the anti-vax movement

As one mom on Facebook, so eloquently put it: “People say ‘well what did people do before vaccines/antibiotics/pasteurisation?’ as if that’s an argument for going natural. They died, Carol. A lot of people died.”

Primary Schooler Geocaching – an outdoor family activity

In this day and age, while technology rules the roost, getting our kids outdoors can be difficult. Surfing the Web on Ipads, “connecting” with friends through social media apps on smartphones, or (if you’re old-school) playing games on Xbox or PlayStation, often takes preference over getting out, running around, rolling on the grass and jumping in the pool.

Toddler When our kids are not safe with their carers

How can a parent KNOW their child is safe with the people we employ to care for them when we are not there to do it ourselves?

Uncategorized The truth about breastfeeding

The reason I have tried to breastfeed for as long as possible is that I believe in the amazing benefits of breastmilk, over and above just feeding and hydrating her. It really is miraculous stuff.

Pregnancy I was told I would never have children

When you hear those earth shattering words. There is no explanation for the emotions that run through you. Dreams dashed.




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